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Cheap & Good: Juicy, crunchy chicken cutlet at Beach Road

The Chicken Cutlet With Bread comes with baked beans, coleslaw and a bowl
of soup.
The Chicken Cutlet With Bread comes with baked beans, coleslaw and a bowl of soup. ST PHOTO: NATASHA ANN ZACHARIAH

Bulkhaul House, at the junction of Beach Road and Middle Road, is a building I drive by regularly.

I figure it is just another office complex, but I often see many people going into the building during lunchtime and past office hours.

When a friend suggests lunch there earlier this week, I finally realise what those people have been gravitating towards.

A big red signboard, which hangs over a shopfront entrance, has the words Supreme Pork Chop Rice emblazoned on it. Hungry office workers duck past the glass doors and head down a flight of stairs into a basement coffee shop.

Everyone in line seems to be ordering the establishment's signature dish, but I am enticed by the photo of the Chicken Cutlet With Bread ($4.30). My friend orders the Pork Chop Rice ($4.30), which I share with her to see if it is truly, well, supreme. A regular there, she swops the side dish of mixed vegetables, cooked from frozen, for sweet pickled vegetables instead.

I put the two dishes to the test. For me, the winner is the chicken cutlet dish, which comes with baked beans, coleslaw and a bowl of soup.

The sides are standard fare, but the fried chicken is definitely something to shout about.

Eaten right after it is served, the meat is juicy and encased in a thick, crunchy batter. It is so good that it almost rivals my favourite fast-food chicken joint.


  • Bulkhaul House, 67 Beach Road.
    Open: 10am to 8.30pm (Mondays to Saturdays), closed on Sundays and public holidays

    Rating: 3.5/5

However, the piece de resistance is the bun. It glistens from the oil it has been fried in and, when I bite into it, I realise it is pandanflavoured. That is unusual, given that other Western food stalls just serve squishy white bread.

I stick a piece of meat between the bread to make a chicken sandwich, expecting the combination of fried chicken and slightly sweet bun to taste weird, but it works.

Though in second place, the Pork Chop Rice is still pretty decent.

The meat is tender, well battered, and not greasy at all. It is also a good decision to go with the pickled vegetables as they have a tangy kick.

However, I find the mix of pork chop and rice too filling for a meal.

Supreme Pork Chop Rice is too out of the way for me to go to often, but it is now definitely on my radar for a cheap meal.

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