It's crunch time: Bite into these CNY treats

Assorted snacks from Two Bakers (left) and savoury salted egg yolk cookies from Sinpopo.
Assorted snacks from Two Bakers (left) and savoury salted egg yolk cookies from Sinpopo. PHOTO: YEN MENG JIIN

Crackers, cookies or takeaway pen cai, Rachel Loi has something to suit your cravings this Chinese New Year.

Salty Crunch

Check out the savoury salted egg yolk cookies (S$12 a bottle) with a generous amount of curry leaves for extra kick, from nostalgia-themed eatery Sinpopo. Otherwise there's Simple Indulgence Patisserie's Salted Egg Yolk Blossoms (S$24 for 30 pcs), which are more crumbly and sweet.


Savoury salted egg yolk cookies from Sinpopo. PHOTO: YEN MENG JIIN

T: 6345 5034
458 Joo Chiat Road

Simple Indulgence

Fresh Salted Egg Yolk Blossoms from Simple Indulgence Patisserie. PHOTO: YEN MENG JIIN

62 Somme Road, #01-02, Parc Somme

Sticky Treat

Executive Chef Chung Yiu Ming of Sheraton Tower's Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant makes fresh daily batches of his new Green Tea Nian Gao (S$50) that is best eaten steamed, or coated with egg batter and pan-fried.

Peony Jade's signature Mao Shan Wang Durian-Layered Nian Gao (S$98.88) is made with pure durian fruit and has the consistency of a rich ice cream cake.

Sheraton Towers

Green Tea Nian Gao from Sheraton Tower's Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant. PHOTO: YEN MENG JIIN

39 Scotts Rd T:6839 5623

Peony Jade

Layered mao shan wang durian nian gao from Chinese restaurant Peony Jade. PHOTO: PEONY JADE

T: 6375 5562
Keppel Club (Level M)
T: 6338 0305
Block 3A Clarke Quay, #02-02

Nonya Classics

Snap up Malcolm Lee's fragrant and resilient-textured Kuih Bingka Ubi (S$32.80) - a hand-grated tapioca and coconut baked dessert - or Condensed Milk Sugee Cake (S$28.80). Both are available at the one-Michelin-starred Peranakan restaurant Candlenut -five working days' notice required.


Kuih Bingka Ubi and Condensed Milk Sugee Cake from Candlenut. PHOTO: YEN MENG JIIN

T: 1800-304-2288
Block 17A Dempsey Road

Bakers' Best

The pineapple tarts from Two Bakers are made from a family heirloom recipe and very tasty. Priced at $20 for 360g, the bakery also has a range of other goodies such as Pineapple Balls (S$20), Hazelnut Butter Cookies (S$18), and Matcha Butter Cookies (S$18).

Or try modern bakery Pantler's Rooster-shaped Cookies (S$10 for a box of two) which are sweet with a homemade orange marmalade centre, or the Pineapple Coconut Cake (S$25) made with fresh fruits.

Two Bakers

Assorted snacks from Two Bakers. PHOTO: YEN MENG JIIN

T: 6293 0329
88 Horne Road


Rooster cookies from Pantler. PHOTO: YEN MENG JIIN

T: 6221 6223
198 Telok Ayer Street

Snack Well

Get healthier bak kwa with free range, antibiotic and hormone-free pork from Australia. Organic store Supernature's popular bak kwa is specially produced by Kim Joo Guan and is priced at S$48 for 500gm and S$88 for 1kg.

Or snack on boxgreen's Cockadoodledoo Box (S$58 with free delivery) with four different snacks - Cranberry Chia Crunch Cookies; Magic Green Pea Rounds; Soya Crisps; and Matcha Pineapple Munchies.


T: 6854 7399
583 Orchard Rd, B1-05/09 Forum


Cockadoodledoo box from boxgreen. PHOTO: YEN MENG JIIN

Onion Rolls

Blue Lotus Chinese Eating House's new Spring Onion Egg Rolls (S$9.80 for 12 pcs) are flaky, sweet-savoury crackers with just a hint of spring onion flavour.

For more assertive flavour, go for the version produced by Lao Zi Hao Confectionery and Souvenirs, a food service distributor in Aljunied.

Priced at S$10.80 (20 pcs) a bottle.

Blue Lotus Chinese Eating House

Spring Onion Egg Rolls from Blue Lotus Chinese Eating House. PHOTO: YEN MENG JIIN

31 Ocean Way, #01-13

Lao Zi Hao Confectionery and Souvenirs

Spring Onion Egg Rolls from Lao Zi Hao Confectionery and Souvenirs. PHOTO: YEN MENG JIIN

T: 6743 4493


Hot Pots

Swiss Butchery's Hot Pot Beef Galore (S$118 for six to eight pax) features New Zealand Beef, US Short Rib, Australian Wagyu Ribeye, and flank steak, while their Ezy Hot Pot Set (S$68 for two to four pax) contains Iberico Pork and Wagyu Steak. Alternatively, SuperNature offers fresh organic vegetables in their Abundance of Fortune box (S$38) which you can top up with free-range sliced pork or beef via their website.

Swiss Butchery

Hot pot from Swiss Butchery. PHOTO: YEN MENG JIIN

T: 9230 4375


Steamboat from SuperNature. PHOTO: YEN MENG JIIN

Bak Kwa from SuperNature. PHOTO: YEN MENG JIIN

Meaty Mains

Skip the lines at Kam's Roast and pre-order your roast duck online. A whole duck costs S$68 and a suckling pig costs S$288. Roast pork is priced from S$18.80 while 'toro' char siew starts at S$24.80.

Pre-orders end on Jan 22, and collection is from Jan 27 to Feb 4.

Meanwhile Gene Mok of Selfish Gene Cafe has launched a Crispy Roast Pork (S$48+ for approx. 1kg before roasting) for pre-order and self-collection this Lunar New Year. The Western-style roast crackling that stays crispy even after travelling. Orders must be made five days in advance, with limited quantities available.

Kam's Roast

Roast Duck from Kam's Roast. PHOTO: YEN MENG JIIN

T: 6836 7788
9 Scotts Road

Selfish Gene Cafe

Roast pork from Selfish Gene Cafe. PHOTO: YEN MENG JIIN

T: 6423 1324
40 Craig Road


Hua Ting Restaurant's Masterchef Lap Fai dreams up creations such as the Arctic Surf Clams yusheng and the vegetarian alternative, Organic Seasonal Greens (each at S$68 for small and S$118 for large). Crystal Jade Prestige has also launched a new 'Prosperous health yu sheng' (S$118 for large, S$78 for small) made with fresh Chinese herbal ingredients such as Cordyceps flowers and sweet lily bulb petals.

Hua Ting Restaurant

Arctic Surf Clams Lo Hei from Hua Ting Restaurant. PHOTO: YEN MENG JIIN

T: 6739 6666 Orchard Hotel Singapore

Crystal Jade Group

Prosperous health yu sheng from Crystal Jade Prestige. PHOTO: YEN MENG JIIN

Treasure Pots

You can't go far wrong with pen cai offered by one-Michelin-starred Summer Pavilion at The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore. This dish by executive chef Cheung Siu Kong features 12 different ingredients including abalone, fish maw, prickly sea cucumber, roast pork and duck. Priced at S$380 (serves four) and S$760 for large (serves eight). Advance order of three days is required.

Summer Pavilion

Pen cai from one-Michelin-starred Summer Pavilion at The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore. PHOTO: YEN MENG JIIN

T: 6434 5286