In the US, coffee-flavored wine... in a can?

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Many Americans start their day with coffee and end it with a glass (or two) of wine. Now, one US company is offering both beverages... in one can.

Friends Fun Wine - whose canned products are made in the south of France - have introduced what they call the "world's first coffee-wine" - Cabernet Coffee Espresso and Chardonnay Coffee Espresso.

"Why not both?" the company said on Twitter.

The Cabernet Coffee Espresso features the "rich flavour of fresh Cabernet grapes, espresso coffee, and a hint of chocolate," while the Chardonnay variety includes wine, a hint of chocolate and vanilla cappuccino.

The canned beverages check in at 6% alcohol and cost US$2 (S$2.50).

"We know you must be curious, and it's a bit hard to describe the taste - you have to experience it," the company said on Facebook.

Friends Fun Wine says it wants consumers to "think outside the bottle." But some were skeptical.

The industry website Daily Coffee News noted, "There are reasons some flavor combinations have never been brought to market."

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