Go crazy for K-chicken at Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory

Crispy fried chicken from Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory at 313@somerset.
Crispy fried chicken from Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory at 313@somerset.PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER

SINGAPORE - (THE NEW PAPER) After Hai Di Lao, Llaollao and Honey Creme, the latest food queue at 313@somerset is at Chir Chir Fushion Chicken Factory.

Chir Chir is a South Korean casual restaurant specialising in freshly fried chicken with outlets in Korea, China and Taiwan. It made its debut in Singapore last month.

It is pronounced chi-ruh chi-ruh, the bubbling sound that oil supposedly makes when the chicken hits the deep fryer.

And it's a good move too because Singapore is still in love with the Korean lifestyle.

If you are going through life waiting for your pretty prince, there is the Chir Cream Beer (from $13.90), inspired by a Korean TV drama. This is draught beer topped with freshly whipped cream, and it's meant to leave a moustache on the girl's upper lip, and hopefully a pretty prince will help clear it with a kiss.

We tried the drink. No hero sprang forward with even a piece of tissue paper, but it does make a good Instagram photo.

For some, that's already a happy ending.


Ironically, my favourite item at the restaurant is a seafood dish. The mussel and seafood soup ($21.90) smells heavenly, with a broth heavy with the taste of seafood. There is a hint of heat from the chillies too. The broth is great, and the seafood and mussels are fresh. That combination is the winning touch.


The crispy fried chicken ($26,90, should feed two) is the most basic of the chicken dishes served. It has a slightly salty batter, but the meat is still juicy. It was a tad oily the two times I ate there, but that's not a deal-breaker.


I didn't think I would like the honey grape salad ($18.90), but the sweetness and freshness of it seduced me. The house-made ricotta and whipped cream add a lovely creaminess to it too. You won't need dessert after this.


The Chir cheese fries ($9.90) may come with a sauce that says special, but it tasted quite ordinary. You have a lot of choices already, so you don't need this unless you really want fries.


The Nest Snow ($32.90) is one of the most popular dishes. I don't understand why. Spicy chicken tenders are served on sweet potato puree and over it, a cream sauce with olives and pepper. Then whipped cream is added, with shavings of parmesan, mozzarella and cheddar. The dish tastes heavier than it reads.

WHAT: Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory
WHERE: #B3-04/05/06, 313@somerset
WHEN: Sundays to Thursdays from 10am to 10pm; Fridays and Saturdays 10am to 11pm
CALL: 6509-8364



This article was first published on Mar 18, 2015.
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