Would you pay $85 for a cup of Geisha coffee?

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The Coffee Academics will be serving one of the world's most expensive cups of coffee - a pour-over filter coffee made with Geisha Arabica beans from Hacienda La Esmeralda's Canas Verdes farm in Panama. Expect flavours of lychee, peach and jasmine.

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On Oct 26, I tried an $85 cup of pour-over filter coffee at The Coffee Academics at Scotts Square.

The coffee is made with naturally processed Geisha beans from the Canas Verdes farm, run by one of Panama's most well-known producers - Hacienda La Esmeralda.

Prized for their intense flavour profile, the beans were auctioned earlier this year at US$601 (S$820) a pound.

On the palate, you get strong lychee notes, followed by round flavours of ripe peach. An unobstrusive bitterness comes through at the end and the flavours linger in the mouth to create a long finish. After a cup of this, the coffee joint's $10 cup, made in the same pour-over method but with cheaper Panama FST Honey beans, tasted watered down and bland.

The coffee - limited to about 80 cups - will be available from Nov 6.


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