Fun atmosphere on last, less-crowded day of Singapore Coffee Festival

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6,000 coffee lovers turned up at the Singapore Coffee Festival on its last day to sample aromatic brews from all around the world.

The last day of the Singapore Coffee Festival is still going strong, with a lively group of festival-goers attending talks, workshops, and food tastings today at the FI Pit Building.

"The atmosphere is great, it's really vibrant, and it's fun to see everyone trying coffee and talking to the experts about coffee. It's lovely to get all these people out," said Ms Tammy Kuan, a housewife in her 40s who attended the inaugural four-day festival with her husband and daughter.

Ms Zenn Soon, 33, manager and roaster at Strangers' Reunion was also pleased by the response to the festival presented by DBS and hosted by The Straits Times.

"I'm surprised that the turnout has been so amazing. I didn't expect so many people to be interested in a coffee festival, but then again there are also food and beer and shops here. There is something for everyone," she says.

Some of the more than 100 vendors ran out of their food and coffee, after more than 10,000 people attended the festival yesterday and ticket sales were halted at 2pm.

The crowd today was more manageable, so it was easier for visitors to move around. Queues were few and far between.

Hungry Heroes, a pop-up cafe selling specialty burgers, mashed potatoes and fries, ran out of food by 6pm on Saturday, and again by 4pm today, despite restocking supplies this morning.

"Our burgers have been really popular, and everything is made fresh. If we had known there would be so many people we would have brought food which takes a shorter time to prepare," said Mr ZQ Loh, 31, head of Hungry Heroes' marketing.

Mr Derrick Chew, owner of Hyde & Co. Cafe was pleased with the turnout. "It's been great exposure for us, to show off our brand and introduce ourselves to a wider audience.

"It's also been good to see the mix of people, from families with young babies to the older generation who are getting a chance to enjoy the cafe concept, even though it's not something they grew up with," he said.

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