Foodies can't get their fill of sushi doughnuts on Instagram

Sushi doughnuts are the latest food trend on the Internet.
Sushi doughnuts are the latest food trend on the Internet.PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/SALTNPEPPERHERE

Sushi doughnuts - made of sushi rice and toppings moulded into a doughnut - are the latest food fad to spread on Instagram.

Since it first appeared on the Instagram account of Sam, a food blogger from Melbourne on June 7, many other versions of the Asian-inspired creation have popped up.

It should not however be confused with a doughnut sushi, which is fried dough in the traditional shape of sushi.

Sam said that she greased a doughnut mould with coconut oil and put in cooled sushi rice to make the base of the doughnut.

This was decorated with black sesame, ginger, wasabi, cashew mayonnaise and avocado.

Her post garnered 18,000 likes and close to 1,000 comments.

Then more foodies and even restaurants began posting variations that come with elaborate toppings, raw fish fillings or are fried in tempura batter.

A Singapore restaurant, Manzoku, has also caught on to the trend.

This food trend is definitely on the rice.