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Soft serve on waffles.
Soft serve on waffles.PHOTO: CHERYL LOH
Korean army stew.
Korean army stew.PHOTO: JASMINE WEE
Miso eggplant rice bowl.
Miso eggplant rice bowl.PHOTO: ALEXANDRA LIM
Vegetarian yee mee.
Vegetarian yee mee.PHOTO: SIM BOCUN


Soft serve on waffles.   PHOTO: CHERYL LOH

"The Belgian waffle with soft serve here is such a work of art. It ticks both the looks and taste boxes on my check list. I like that the soft serve - in Strawberry and Earl Grey Lavender flavours - are light on the palate yet so full of flavour. The smooth ice cream goes well with the crispy waffles."

Ms Cheryl Loh, 23, engineer

Instagram: @cheryllohh

Get it from: Sunday Folks, 01-52, Chip Bee Gardens, 44 Jalan Merah Saga, open: 1 to 10pm, Tuesday to Friday, noon to 10pm, weekend, close on Monday, go to facebook.com/sundayfolks.singapore

Price: $8.80


Korean army stew.      PHOTO: JASMINE WEE

"Budae jjigae or Korean Army Stew is my favourite Korean food, I am so happy that I can find the dish here after trying it in South Korea. The hotpot stew, which I shared with a friend, has instant noodles, Spam, sausages, minced meat, Korean rice cakes and a huge mixture of vegetables. What I enjoy most is slurping up the soup, which is tangy and spicy."

Ms Jasmine Wee, 20, student

Instagram: @paperfries

Get it from: Wabar, 62/64 Tanjong Pagar Road, open: 11am to 3am daily, go to wabar.co.kr or call 6224-7073

Price: $19.90


Miso eggplant rice bowl.    PHOTO: ALEXANDRA LIM

"This rice bowl gives so much gustatory pleasure. The balance of textures here is perfect. The grilled misotopped eggplant has an umami punch, and I love the goo from its velvety centre coupled with the runny egg yolk. Then there's the tender bite of grilled mushrooms, and juicy crunch from the pickled lotus root. The lightly vinegared, fluffy white rice acts as the perfect medium for each mouthful."

Ms Alexandra Lim, 18, student

Instagram: @alexcrumb

Get it from: May May, 65 Tras Street, open: 11.30am to 11pm, Monday to Saturday, call 6221-4698 or go to maymay.com.sg

Price: $12



"I count chirashi as one of my favourite Japanese food as it is the best way to sample different types of sashimi. This kaisendon from Teppei Syokudo is one of the most affordable I have tried. The amount of sashimi, such as salmon, tuna and white fish, is extremely generous. There is more fish than rice and I like that the smooth slabs of fish are marinated in flavourful shoyu (Japanese soy sauce)."

Ms Elisa Djuhar, 20, student

Instagram: @ellldjuhar

Get it from: B2-07-7-3, Teppei Syokudo, Takashimaya Food Hall, open: 10 am to 10pm daily

Price: $16


Vegetarian yee mee.    PHOTO: SIM BOCUN

"I like that this yee mee is light on the palate with its soy sauce-based broth, and it is not salty and oily like most versions. There is also a good amount of mixed vegetables such as carrots, mushrooms and baby corn in it, without too much mock meat."

Mr Sim Bocun, 33, service consultant

Instagram: @simbocun

Get it from: Merit Vegetarian, 01-149, Block 491 Jurong West Avenue 1, open: 6.30am to 8.45pm daily, call 9023-3672

Price: $4

Kenneth Goh

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