Food that boosts energy levels

Find out why food such as hummus is good for you at ST Food.
Find out why food such as hummus is good for you at ST Food.PHOTO: CYNTHIA LOW

Here are some highlights on The Straits Times' food website - ST Food,


Read about 12 foods that can help boost your energy levels. This story, taken from Shape, published by SPH Magazines, tells you more about why foods like hummus and ingredients such as eggs, chicken breast and salmon are good for you.

Dark chocolate is said to be nutritious too - it is high in antioxidants and minerals.

12 foods for more energy:


Are the scallions going limp? Need to use those extra pecans? Did you buy too many onions or over-estimate the number of kabocha squashes you needed for your dinner party?

Fret not. The New York Times has three good recipes for leftover ingredients.

Make a creamy linguine with onions and Parmesan, an easy simmered kabocha squash with scallions and a pecan crunch cream cheese pound cake for a weekend afternoon tea.

Recipes for pasta, squash and a pound cake:

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