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Food review: Punchy popiah from My Cosy Corner

This story was first published in The Straits Times on Nov 24, 2013

I was down with a cold last week - a stuffy nose and a palate that could barely tell salty from sour.

But as I recovered and my tastebuds returned, my nose would at times, still remain blocked.

During times like these, I find that the best way to clear it is to tuck into something laced with piquant sambal or chilli sauce.

After two rolls of spicy popiah from My Cosy Corner at Coronation Plaza, my airways are clear and back to normal.

The eatery is a homely, no-frills hole-in-the-wall joint where orders are conveyed to the kitchen by just, well, shouting.

Each popiah here costs $2.20 and is made to order.

The soft popiah skins are spread with a fragrant and flavourful homemade chilli and a generous amount of sweet sauce, before it is covered with fresh ground peanuts and crispy bits which give the popiah an added crunch.

Aside from the warm and juicy popiah filling, the roll also includes blanched beansprouts, julienned cucumber and slivers of hard-boiled egg. No lettuce is included here, but the skin never falls apart.

Kueh pie tee - crispy deep-fried shells filled with the same popiah filling - are priced at $4.80 for six pieces.

Also popular here are the stall's other Nonya delights, which include mee siam, laksa and mee rebus ($3.80 a serving, $4.50 with prawns).

The mee siam gravy is sweeter than most other versions out there, but packs plenty of flavour, while the coconutty laksa is robust, rich and well-balanced.

The stall is frequented by nearby residents, students and foodies who want a quick bite between grocery shopping.

I, for one, am a fan because the food here is high on the comfort factor.

The sharp and aromatic chilli is a bonus.