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Food review: Lor mee with crunch

There are some types of hawker comfort food I always return to, especially when I need a break from all that festive feasting.

One such dish is lor mee - a vinegared, garlicky one- bowl wonder of noodles coated in a sticky gravy - which I'm always on the hunt for.

My latest find is Yuan Zhi Wei at Whampoa Drive Market & Hawker Centre, which houses many good eats such as the popular Hoover Rojak.

The lor mee ($3) has a bit of everything: a fried wonton, fish nugget, meatball, bean- sprouts and small chunks of tender stewed pork.

I like the fried fish nugget and wonton best as they add crunch to the dish. If the wonton had more filling, it would be perfect.

Some diners may like that the lor mee gravy is a tad on the watery side, but I prefer it to be a bit thicker so that it coats the noodles easily.

But the gravy, which has a slight herbal taste, is definitely not diluted and neither is it too salty.

The dish is topped with vinegar, minced garlic and chilli padi - three must-have lor mee ingredients that amplify the flavours of the gravy.

The stall also sells other noodle dishes, at $3 each, which also feature the same fried ingredients but without the lor mee gravy and thick yellow noodles.

The lor mee is the bestseller so head to the stall early for your fix.