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Carne & Caipirinha, Crab Buffet, Xi Yan and Pho Stop

Carne & Caipirinha offers unlimited servings of grilled meats on skewers brought to the table by passadores or meat waiters, who slice them onto your plate.
Carne & Caipirinha offers unlimited servings of grilled meats on skewers brought to the table by passadores or meat waiters, who slice them onto your plate.PHOTOS: CARNE & CAIPIRINHA, PARKROYAL ON KITCHENER ROAD, XI YAN, WONG AH YOKE


Meat-lovers will be very happy at Carne & Caipirinha, the Brazilian churrascaria in Sunset Way.

It offers unlimited servings of grilled meats on skewers brought to the table by passadores or meat waiters, who slice them onto your plate. The meats here are grilled over charcoal, a traditional way of cooking which gives them an appealing smoky flavour.

You get the usual beef cuts such as rib, rump and hump, as well as other meats such as chicken, lamb and pork. There are also chicken heart, sausages and a refreshing grilled pineapple dusted with cinnamon powder. Beef hump, which is tender and filled with fat, is a cut that I will always leave room for.

And when the meat gets too much, there is a small buffet bar where you can help yourself to salads, pastas and Brazilian black bean stew.

WHERE: 01-50, Block 106 Sunset Way, Clementi Street 12 WHEN: 5.30 - 11pm (Mon - Sat), 5 - 11pm (Sun & public holiday) PRICE: $39 for an adult before 7pm Mon - Sat, before 6pm on Sun and public holiday; $49.90 after TEL: 6464-0478

Slow-braised Pumpkin Crab In Claypot from Spice Brasserie in Parkroyal on Kitchener Road,


After a successful run last year, the crab buffet is back at Spice Brasserie in Parkroyal on Kitchener Road.


On the buffet are crabs prepared in 12 different ways, including the popular Slow-braised Pumpkin Crab In Claypot (above) that chef Low Hoe Kiat created and which was a hit last year.

This year, he has some new ideas, including Baby Crab Salad With Green Mango, Stir-fried Crab With Jalapeno And Fermented Black Beans and an unusual Stewed Kimchi Crab. The kimchi, I feel, is a little too strong for crab, but it is a delicious sauce that would work well with other seafood such as prawns and squid. It comes with slices of Korean rice cake that I cannot stop eating.

Other dishes that have been brought back include Braised Crab Beehoon, Salted Egg Yolk And Butter Crab and the ubiquitous Singapore Chilli Crab.

WHERE: Spice Brasserie, Parkroyal on Kitchener Road, 181 Kitchener Road MRT: Farrer Park WHEN: Thu - Sat, 6 - 10pm. Ends on Dec 12 PRICE: $75 for an adult, $34 for a child TEL: 6428-3160

Shrimp Paste Grouper With Pomelo Salad from Xi Yan in Craig Road.


Xi Yan in Craig Road is gearing up for its 10th anniversary next month, when it will launch a menu of new dishes.

But this month, it is taking a look back with set menus of its signature dishes from the past decade.

So if you love dishes such as Salivating Chicken With Century Eggs & Konnyaku Noodles and Shrimp Paste Grouper With Pomelo Salad (above) from its very first menu, or other signature dishes such as Pagoda Dongpo Pork Belly With Preserved Veg Stuffing & Mushrooms, this is the time to visit the restaurant.

Set menus start from $58 a person for lunch and $88 a person for dinner. More than 60 dishes have been selected, but they will be rotated, so check with the restaurant if you are looking for a particular dish.

Just for this month, there are also special degustation menus of eight courses at $50 a person (minimum of four persons required) to celebrate SG50.

WHERE: Xi Yan, 38A Craig Road MRT: Outram Park WHEN: Till Oct 5, noon - 3pm, 5.30 - 10.30pm daily PRICE: Lunch menus from $58 -$108 a person for six to seven courses; dinner menus from $88 -$168 a person for six to 10 courses; degustation menus till Sept 30, $50 a person TEL: 6220-3546

Vietnamese beef noodles, or pho, from Pho Stop in Tanjong Pagar Road. 


Tanjong Pagar may be a food haven, but it does not come readily to mind when you think of Vietnamese food.

Still, that is where I find one of my favourite pho, the Vietnamese beef noodles that I love for being so flavourful and light at the same time.

But many places here are stingy with the meat and some, even with the fresh basil, lime and beansprouts that are often served separately in basketfuls in eateries in Ho Chi Minh City.

Not so at Pho Stop in Tanjong Pagar Road. The noodles come with a decent amount of toppings, with choices such as sliced ribeye ($8.30), beef brisket ($8.30), beef balls ($8.30) or a combination of them (from $8.50, photo). Those who do not eat beef can go for the chicken pho ($8.30).

The stock for the beef has good body and the accompanying plate of vegetables provides the crunch required to freshen up the dish.

There are good side dishes too, such as Deep-fried Spring Rolls ($5.10 for four) and Pho Stop's Fish Cakes ($5.60 for five).

This is certainly a place worth stopping at.

WHERE: Pho Stop, 72 Tanjong Pagar Road MRT: Tanjong Pagar/Outram WHEN: 11.30am - 9.30pm daily TEL: 6534-8178

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