Five dishes to try in Bandung on a rainy day

Seblak is a dish made of crackers cooked with vegetables, eggs and spicy sauce. PHOTO: JAKARTA POST

(THE JAKARTA POST) - Situated a stone's throw away from Jakarta, Bandung in West Java has become a popular destination among domestic tourists.

As the rainy season has arrived, those planning to visit Bandung may look for particular dishes to warm up the day.

Fortunately, has compiled five dishes to try in the City of Flowers during rainy days.


Those who love spicy foods may want to try seblak (crackers cooked with vegetables, eggs and spicy sauce). Delivering spicy and savory flavors, the dish is best consumed while hot, making it a delicious treat to try during rainy days.

These days, seblak is also served with broccoli, cheese and chicken feet. If you want to try the dish, schedule a visit to Seblak Deu Tjenghar on Jl. Purnawarman, Seblak Mg Ogo in Gading Tutuka, Soreang or Seblak Dago on Jl. Dago.

Mie kocok

Nothing beats a bowl of warm mie kocok (Bandung-style beef noodle soup) during rainy days. Comprising kikil (beef tendon), noodles and meat, the dish is recognized for its rich broth made with beef bones.

Those wanting to sample the dish may drop by Mie Kocok Persib on Jl. Ahmad Yani, or Mih Kocok Mang Daeng at Jl. Banteng (KH Ahmad Dahlan) No. 67.

Bakso cuanki

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Visitors to Bandung may notice a plethora of peddlers carrying aluminum containers with "bakso cuanki" written on it. These sellers are among the icons of Bandung, as they serve the local favorite bakso cuanki (meatballs soup served with noodles, fried tofu and fried dumpling).

Served hot, bakso cuanki is best enjoyed with a dollop of sambal, making it the perfect dish to try on gloomy days.

The price of bakso cuanki varies, starting from Rp 15,000 (S$1.50). Those curios about the dish may visit bakso cuanki seller on Jl. Serayu No. 2, Cihapit.

Rujak cireng

Rujak cireng is a fried tapioca served with a fiery hot Indonesian fruit salad sauce. The spicy sauce will mildly burn your taste buds, guaranteed to warm you up instantly.

Batagor kuah

Batagor (fried fish dumpling) is among the iconic dishes of Bandung. Unlike the usual batagor, batagor kuah, is served with soup, which makes it the ideal dish to enjoy during the rainy season.

Those wanting to try batagor kuah may schedule a visit to Batagor Yunus on Jl. Kopo 68, or Batagor Darto in Simpang Dago.

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