First there were avolattes, now meet the carrot-cino

A carrot-cino from Locals Corner in Sydney, Australia.
A carrot-cino from Locals Corner in Sydney, Australia. PHOTO: FACEBOOK/LOCALS CORNER

From charcoal lattes to wasabi cappuccinos, the hipster coffee scene has churned out a whole array of exotic flavours. 

If you think that hipster coffee reached its peak recently with the avolatte - a latte served in an avocado skin, naturally - then you would be wrong. 

The new crazy way to serve coffee that has invaded social media: Meet the carrot-cino. It was created by Locals Corner, a quaint cafe in Sydney, Australia. 

The carrot-cino is a cappuccino served inside a scooped out portion of a carrot and is finished with an artful froth design. 

This new plating - or should we say cupping? - idea was inspired by another crazy drink. The baristas at one of Melbourne's hot coffee spots, The Truman Cafe, had created the Avolatte, a latte served in a (mostly) scooped out avocado skin. That invention has been a hit with the cafe's millennial customers. 

Locals owner Vanja B. told Daily Mail Australia: "We just like doing different things, we've being doing a few of these, one with an apple, one with an avocado, this week was a carrot and next week we will do something different."

According to The Independent, a customer commented that the creation was an excellent idea and that the cafe should keep re-inventing different coffee flavours.

However, other coffee enthusiasts interviewed by the Metro newspaper felt that the carrot-cino is a marketing ploy to get more customers to patronise the cafe.