Famous Hong Kong eateries in Singapore

Tai Cheong Bakery, famed for its egg tarts, is one of the brand-name Hong Kong eateries here.
Tai Cheong Bakery, famed for its egg tarts, is one of the brand-name Hong Kong eateries here.PHOTO: TAI CHEONG BAKERY

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On March 9, the Jumbo Group announced that it had entered a joint venture agreement to open Tsui Wah, a popular cha chaan tang or Hong Kong-style coffee-shop eatery, in Singapore - music to foodies' ears.

But that is not the only brand-name Hong Kong eatery here.

Others that have set up shop over the years include Tai Cheong Bakery, famed for its egg tarts, as well as wonton noodle specialist Mak Noodles. ST Food has compiled a list of six Hong Kong eateries to check out.

Hong Kong's Tsui Wah comes to Singapore: Six other famous Hong Kong eateries here: http://str.sg/oTSF


IN MICHELIN GUIDE Taipei's inaugural Michelin Guide, which debuted last Wednesday, features Ming Fu, a six-table local eatery in a nondescript back alley alongside lauded restaurants by big-name chefs such as the internationally acclaimed Joel Robuchon.

Read more about the 20 restaurants that are featured in this year's guide.

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Add new dimensions and flavour profiles to your home-cooked or takeaway dishes with some housemade sauces and condiments.

ST Food has picked up a story from Pakistan's English newspaper Dawn with seven simple recipes for sweet, savoury and spicy chutneys and raitas.

Make a green garlic coriander chutney or a sweet-spicy date and tamarind chutney. Use these recipes as a base and create your own versions.

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