Eateries roll out eats in local flavours ahead of National Day

Is this flosss?
Eateries cash in on nationalistic fervour by launching food items such as (clockwise from top left) D24 Durian McFlurry, Hainanese tendergrill chicken burger, Rendang beef burger, Golden Lava Flosss and Goldspice chicken. PHOTOS: MCDONALD'S, BURGER KING, KFC, BREADTALK

National Day is near, and it's now almost a tradition for eateries to cash in on nationalistic fervour with new offerings.

This year, fast-food chains are marking Singapore's birthday with everything Singaporeans love, from their favourite fruit to salted egg yolk. Here's a round-up of what's on offer:


The local burger chain is once again featuring its Hainanese Tendergrill Chicken and Double Rendang Beef burgers.

The first is a nod to Singapore's national dish, Hainanese chicken rice. The burger boasts a flame-grilled chicken thigh patty complete with a savoury ginger sauce, garlic chilli and fresh lettuce.

The second burger features two beef patties (or chicken) topped with Burger King's signature rendang sauce and fresh onions.

Both burgers are available as meals starting from $7.95, which come with fries and a Coca-Cola Zero.

When: From July 17, while stocks last

Double Rendang Beef (left) and Hainanese Tendergrill Chicken burgers. PHOTO: BURGER KING


Golden Lava Flosss, a bun filled with salted egg yolk. PHOTO: BREADTALK

Home-grown brand BreadTalk will be rolling out two new pastries in local flavours. The Chilli Crab Puff ($2.20) pays homage to the local dish by by featuring a chilli crab mixture with real crab meat wrapped in a flaky outer covering shaped like a crab.

The Durian Mini Croissant ($1.50) is a traditional croissant with a twist: a Mao Shan Wang durian cream filling.

To celebrate its own 18th anniversary, BreadTalk is also launching Golden Lava Flosss ($2), a modified version of its original popular Flosss bun filled with salted egg yolk. The floss covering the bun is mixed with buttery cereal, inspired by the popular "zi char" dish, butter cereal prawn.

When: July 30 to Aug 19; Golden Lava Flosss from July 2 to Sept 2.



KFC has launched a limited-edition Goldspice Chicken, fried chicken marinated and breaded traditionally, but coated with a mix of chilli, curry leaves, sweet basil, and salted egg. The two-piece meal costs $8.55.

For dessert to go with your chicken, try the Chocolate Hazelnut Egg Tart, a new take on the traditional egg custard pastry that includes creamy hazelnut chocolate ($1.50).


When: July 4 to Aug 9


Ha Ha Cheong Gai Chicken Burger. PHOTO: MCDONALD'S SINGAPORE
D24 Durian McFlurry. PHOTO: MCDONALD'S

McDonald's has introduced the Ha Ha Cheong Gai Chicken Burger ($6.05) and Ha Ha Cheong Gai Chicken Drumlets (two pieces at $2.20), both based on the hawker favourite har cheong gai (Cantonese for prawn paste chicken).

The burger includes a whole chicken thigh, like the popular McSpicy, but marinated with prawn paste, topped with lettuce, cucumber slices, and a mayonnaise flavoured with prawn paste.

The fast food chain also launched the D24 Durian McFlurry ($4), a vanilla soft-serve with a durian puree which the fast-food chain claims is made from real D24 durians.

Singapore is not the first to get this dessert, however. Last year, McDonald's introduced the D24 Durian McFlurry in Malaysia, which was sold out within a week of its release.

For National Day last year, McDonald's also released a chendol version of its McFlurry, as well as Coconut Pie, Bandung McFizz, and a Nasi Lemak Burger which sold out within two weeks of its launch.

When: Durian McFlurry from July 5, Ha Ha Cheong Gai Chicken Burger and Drumlets from July 10, while stocks last


Photo shows the Imperial Red and the Flower Dome. PHOTO: LEEU SG

The home-grown artisan ice cream shop that brought Singaporeans the Merlion Ice Pop and Esplanade Ice Cream has launched two limited edition National Day products. Both creations are in Singapore's colours of red and white.

Inspired by the greenhouse of the same name at Marina Bay Sands, Leeu SG's Flower Dome has a white cake base made of vanilla sponge and rolled oats. This is completed with lime and basil jelly and topped with a flower made of piped strawberry mousse.

The dessert takes after the tourist attraction in more than one way; at $9.80, it's definitely on the pricier side.

The ice cream parlour's other creation is the Imperial Red ($6.80), a vanilla ice cream float with watermelon, lychee, and lemon juice.

Both sweet treats are available at the shop's only outlet at The Esplanade Mall.

When: July 27 to Aug 31.

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