Eat a Thanksgiving dinner in chip form

The Pringles chips are packaged like a TV dinner. PHOTO: FACEBOOK
The Pringles chips are packaged like a TV dinner. PHOTO: FACEBOOK

(MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES) - Who needs a real meal when you can have chips in assorted flavours? 

American brand Pringles issued a limited edition series of eight flavours that mimicked the dishes of Thanksgiving dinner: Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, Creamed Corn, Green Bean Casserole, Mac & Cheese and Pumpkin Pie. 

The assorted flavours are even packaged in a segmented tray, TV dinner style, so one can work one's way through the different courses of the "meal". 

Pringles even made a kitschy video, complete with Norman Rockwellian scenes of mums and kids in kitchens, to promote the gimmick on Facebook. 

Alas, it turned out only to be "a pilot taste test", according to a press release on the Kelloggs website. On the Pringles Facebook page, in response to queries from fans, Pringles said a small quantity of the trays were distributed to "members of the media and selected influencers". 

But chip fans should not lose hope as Pringles added teasingly that if there are enough customers interested in purchasing the flavours, "who knows what the future of Pringles stacking and snacking holds". 

Well if your snack attack cannot wait, we suggest the next best thing: scouring the supermarket shelves in Singapore for oddball chip flavours. Good hunting!