Delicious things I'm eating: Cool salmon, curry gyoza and more


I cannot for the life of me understand why people would tuck into hotpots or order dishes such as duck confit when it is hot and muggy.

This Coho Salmon Salad ($28) from The Naked Finn (Block 39 Malan Road, Gillman Barracks, tel: 6694 0807) is what I want to eat this time of year. The raw salmon, there's 100g of it, is good enough on its own without truffle oil, so ask for it to be left out when you order it. That way, you can really taste the natural sweetness of the fish. The gently pickled slices of cucumber in between add crunch. On the side is a mesclun salad with juicy orange segments. Perfect for a light meal.


Singapore Symphony Orchestra co-concertmaster Lynnette Seah has gotten HDB approval to offer private dining in her Tiong Bahru home. And she serves the most delicious Peranakan food.

I love the bakwan kepiting, babi assam, red snapper assam pedas with Thai honey pineapple, and the intensity of this ayam buah keluak. Dessert is a thick and rich bubur cha cha with orange and purple sweet potatoes and sago pearls. We are lucky and also get her special tiramisu, made with chocolate sponge. I roll home a happy glutton. To book dinner at her place, visit her website:


There's nothing wrong with pork or vegetable gyoza, they are classic after all. But Gyoza-Ya (B1-02A Robinsons The Heeren, tel: 6737 5581) has got a really delicious Chicken Curry Gyoza ($5.80 for five).

I am sceptical at first, but it works really well, with chunky pieces of chicken and potato and a spicy kick. Just eat these without the vinegar. 


Walking past Cedele (B1-07/08, Tanglin Mall, tel: 6738 0629) I do a double take and go back for a second look. There is a red-hued bread in the display and I am intrigued. It turns out to be a wholemeal boule with beetroot in it ($6.50 a loaf). I love beets and buy a loaf to try.

Turns out to be a good move. The bread is delicious toasted and spread with salted butter. Now, if you don't like the earthy taste of beets, you'll like this bread because the flavour is quite mild, but there is enough for you to know this is not just a wholemeal loaf. I can't wait to make a sandwich with this. Think how beautiful a red sandwich would look.


These polish dumplings can be filled with anything from potato, sauerkraut, meat or even fruit. The Provision Shop (3 Everton Park, 01-79, tel: 6225 9931) does a delicious version that is filled with ricotta cheese and mashed potatoes.

Belinda's Perogis ($6) are named after the chef, 33-year-old Anthony Yeoh's sister. They are not too heavy and the filling of cheese and potato alone would be enough. But no, he showers the dumpling with crisp bacon, and a quenelle of sour cream topped with chives. After I demolish one, I immediately want another. But I'll save that as a treat for next time.