Dark, milk, white... and now, ruby chocs

Find out what makes ruby chocolates pink and why Chablis wine production is set to plunge this year

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There is more to chocolate than just dark, milk and white.

The world's largest cocoa processor, Barry Callebaut, has come up with the first new natural colour for it and is dubbing its new creation "ruby chocolate".

The pinkish-hued ruby chocolate has a natural sweet-tart berry flavour even though no berries are added to it.

The beans which are used to make the chocolate come from Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Brazil and its unusual colour comes from the powder extracted during processing.

Watch a Reuters video about the new chocolate : http://str.sg/4V3b


Chablis wine production could drop by as much as 17 per cent this year to a historic low after grape harvests were blighted by spring frosts.

Winemakers in France's Burgundy region are blaming climate change.

Watch a Reuters video about this year's Chablis harvest: http://str.sg/4VTC


It does not matter that you may have overcooked the potatoes and that they are slightly fluffier than you had intended them to be. Make a creamy and chunky mashed potato salad with scallions and herbs instead.

Substitute the scallions with celery if you are avoiding alliums.

Mashed potato salad recipe: http://str.sg/4V3a

Follow The New Paper's recipe for a Japanese-style mentaiko pasta with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

This version includes thin strips of shiso leaf, which help to balance the richness of the dish.

Mentaiko pasta recipe: http://str.sg/4VqJ

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