Create a foamy head of beer at home with Beam Suntory's clip-on device

You can now imitate the foam achieved when pulling a draught beer at home, with a batterypowered contraption that can be attached to the top of a beer can.

The Handy Creamy Server, devised by Japanese brewing and distillery giant Beam Suntory to go with its latest offering, Kaoru Ale, is a clip-on device that produces foam as you pour the beer out of its can.

It works by producing ultrasonic waves that cause micro-vibrations, and these vibrations create the creamy foam.

Kaoru Ale is a new golden ale that was released in Japan in March. It is now available in Singapore, the only market in South-east Asia to get it. It was brought here as Beam Suntory thinks Singapore is ready to explore beers other than traditional lagers, which the company also produces. It is a seasonal offering in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The beer, which has a distinctly fruity aroma, pours as a clear, yellow-gold liquid with a foamy white head that lasts for a minute or two, even without the help of the device. Compared with Europeanstyle ales with their hops-heavy aroma, Kaoru Ale is markedly more subtle.

To help customers achieve an even more distinctive foamy white head at home, the Handy Creamy Server will be given with every purchase of two six-pack cartons.

Once the device is secured to the top of the open can, the beer can be poured through the spout till the glass is about 70 per cent full. Then users press the gold button at the top of the device to turn it on. Once the green indicator lights up, tip the beer can to activate the device's foam-making properties.

Modelled after what Beam Suntory calls the "Takumi pour", the white foam head that takes up about 30 per cent of the glass is meant to imitate the way a craftsman would serve beer in Japan.

The contraption can be taken apart and cleaned.

A six-pack of the beer is now available at a promotional price of $24.90 at Japanese speciality store Meidi-Ya and FairPrice Finest outlets in Clementi Mall, Junction 8, Seletar Mall and Waterway Point in Punggol. The promotion runs till September and the 350ml cans are not sold individually.

According to the company, the creamy foam serves multiple purposes, including forming a lid of sorts to slow down the oxidisation of the beer. It also prevents the floral fragrance of the carbon dioxide in the beer from escaping.

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