Colourless coffee? Yes, it's true.

A Slovakian-made colourless coffee that does not stain the teeth.
A Slovakian-made colourless coffee that does not stain the teeth.PHOTO: PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER / ANN / INSTAGRAM

(PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER / ANN) - CLR CFF is a Slovakian-made bottled clear coffee that took almost three years before it became a reality.

The people behind it tried to raise funds for it via Indiegogo in 2015, but got an underwhelming response. Still, they kept at it until the product came into fruition.

Top of the list why CLR CFF is great is how you can get your caffeine fix without staining your teeth. A regular coffee drinker knows the perils of your teeth turning yellow because of the drink. And hey, if there is such a thing as Unicorn Frappucino (that even Katy Perry tried for herself), then clear coffee is not the craziest thing you have heard just yet.

CLR CFF claims that the brew is made with no sugar, sweeteners, stabilisers, and preservatives.

The main drawbrack is its caffeine content. It has only the same caffeine as a regular bottle of Coca-Cola. The company insists that it is made from premium brewed Arabica beans. How they make it appear clear as water, however, is a well-kept secret.

You can order CLR CFF by batches of two or five, starting at £2.99 (That’s around S$5.35). If you are abroad, you can get it at Whole Foods and Selfridges & Co. Why would you get it? Oh, as a novelty gift, to try it out because life is short, or just simply for the ‘gram. You decide.