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Covid-19 stay-home guide: Classic chicken rice with free delivery

In this daily series, Senior Food Correspondent Wong Ah Yoke digs into delivery options and rates them for you

Wee Nam Kee's steamed chicken (above) and BBQ & Roasted Pork (left).
Wee Nam Kee's steamed chicken.ST PHOTO: WONG AH YOKE

Hainanese chicken rice works well for home delivery because the meat tastes best at room temperature. The rice is nicer eaten warm, but is not bad when cool. The problem is finding a good eatery that delivers islandwide and does not cost too much.

Wee Nam Kee, one of my favourite chicken rice eateries, ticks all those boxes. And there is no delivery charge - just a $30 minimum order.

The process is simple. Check out the online menu, send your order through WhatsApp and pay through PayNow.

A single portion of chicken rice is $5.20 and a two-person serving is $8.90. Or you can get half a chicken for $17.20. You can choose between steamed and roast chicken. From my dine-in experiences, both are good.

I settled on the steamed version because it's easier to repurpose leftovers into dishes such as chicken congee or shredded chicken noodles.

The meat was smooth and firm, and delicious soaked in the accompanying sweetened soya sauce.

Packed separately were chilli sauce and a generous amount of minced ginger - excellent condiments for steamed chicken.

It was difficult choosing between rice and noodles too. Wee Nam Kee's fragrant rice ($1) is very good, but the dumpling noodles ($5.80) won me over in the end.

That was a mistake. The noodles, though still warm on arrival, were stuck together so tightly, I had to pop them into the microwave to loosen them up.



Even then, they were not as smooth as freshly cooked noodles. The minced pork in the dumplings was also too fine - while the flavour was good, the mouth-feel was not. Also, there was no pickled green chilli to go with the dish.



    WhatsApp 9833-2019. View the menu at wnk.com.sg Minimum order of $30.





I added a small order of BBQ & Roasted Pork ($12.80) to meet the minimum spending requirement.

The roasted pork was everything I had hoped for, with its good fat-to-meat ratio and crispy crackling. The barbecued pork had some fat too and wasn't dry. It was a little sweet on its own, but wasn't bad at all when eaten with the noodles.

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