Chocolate Whopper, Nasi Lemak Smoothie for real or just early April Fool's jokes?

Burger King Singapore's "upcoming" Chocolate Whopper is likely an early April Fool's Day joke.
Burger King Singapore's "upcoming" Chocolate Whopper is likely an early April Fool's Day joke.PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM FACEBOOK/BURGER KING

SINGAPORE - Burger King Singapore on Friday (March 30) teased customers with a video of its supposedly "upcoming" offering: A Chocolate Whopper.

The decadent concoction features a "flame-grilled chocolate patty" between two chocolate cake buns, drizzled with raspberry syrup and garnished with white chocolate rings and candied blood oranges.

If you think this sounds appetising, it may be time to quell those hunger pangs - the move is likely an early April Fool's Day joke.

This year, the occasion falls on a Sunday, and Easter weekend no less, which has prompted some retailers to launch their gags earlier to catch the crowd.

On Saturday, juice chain Boost Singapore posted a photo of its purported new offering, the "Nasi Lemak Smoothie".

"We know you love Nasi Lemak so here it is! Introducing the Nasi Lemak Smoothie, only available on the 1st of April 2018," the juice bar said in a Facebook post.

Ingredients in the curious creation include freshly juiced cucumber, spinach, cooked rice, chilli flakes and coconut water.

Elsewhere in the world, early April Fool jokes seem to be the trend too.

In America, confectionery brand Reese's teased customers with "Reese's eggs". The brand posted a video of customers at a grocery store in New Jersey opening egg trays to discover peanut butter creme eggs inside instead.

A message saying "all pranks should be this good" was pasted inside the trays.

Other April Fool's pranks that have been played so far include one by sparkling water maker SodaStream, which ran ads for a bubble bath machine called SodaSoak, and "rabbit-foraged herbs" by online grocery Fresh Direct.

Gags last year included Ikea's "low-cost airline FLIKEA", which never took to the skies, and a "lightly sparkling durian and blackcurrant drink" by Ribena, which - thankfully - never made it to shelves.

A joke by Ikea Singapore, which claimed that it would transform its children's playground into a haven of sitting pods with tablets, horrified parents.

The outrage died down after it was revealed to be, simply, a joke.