Chicken with more spices at Chir Chir

Rosemary chicken from Chir Chir.
Rosemary chicken from Chir Chir.PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER

SINGAPORE (THE NEW PAPER-  One year and three outlets later, Korean chicken restaurant Chir Chir is keeping things fresh with new dishes on its menu.

This is in addition to the latest branch at Chinatown Point, also its first that is open till 3am.

Chir Chir still gets the crowd during mealtimes, so it seems to be a smart move not to veer too much away from the expected.

There seems to be more spices added and that is probably a welcome addition for Singaporeans.

The only new things I did not like were the drinks. I tried all three double smoothies ($12.90) and found them too sweet.

What I did like was that service has improved.

When we popped in unannounced at the 313@somerset outlet, the servers were informed, efficient and actually looked happy working - a pleasant surprise in this day and age.


Rosemary Chicken ($29.90). PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER

The Rosemary Chicken ($29.90) is not a new item, but one that has been overshadowed by its crispier fried cousins. You'll have to wait 20 minutes for this to be baked, but it was worth it for the juiciness and tenderness.


Honey butter chicken ($28.90). PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER

Initially, the sweetness of the honey butter chicken ($28.90) was off-putting, but the aroma sold it for me. When you eat the chicken - especially the skin - the whole dish comes together.


Spicy seafood soup ($26.90). PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER

Chicken may be the main focus at Chir Chir, but I love its seafood dishes. The spicy seafood soup ($26.90) is no exception. The spicy soup did not overwhelm the seafood, although when I returned unannounced, I was surprised by how much more spicy it was. But I finished it anyway.


Spicy topokki's ($15.90). PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER

I found the spicy topokki's ($15.90) gochujang (red pepper) sauce too spicy. I gave up after a nibble of the crispy Cajun fried squid and a sip of the sauce.


Topokki & cheese ($9.90). PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER

I love cheese, but the topokki & cheese ($9.90) had too much creaminess. It needs something acidic for balance.

WHAT Chir Chir

WHERE #01-43 Chinatown Point

WHEN 11am to 3am

CALL 6538-1069

This article was first published on April 13, 2016.
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