Chef Dominique Ansel's kiwi sorbet bar is his latest Instagram-friendly dessert creation

The kiwi sorbet bar by chef Dominique Ansel is a milk chocolate-coated bar loaded with kiwi sorbet and Tahitian vanilla ice cream and is studded with poppy seeds. PHOTO: FACEBOOK\ DOMINIQUE ANSEL BAKERY

NEW YORK - Move over cronuts, another photogenic confection by New York's Dominique Ansel Bakery is making waves on Instagram.

Enter the kiwi sorbet bar, a rectangular ice cream sandwich that resembles a kiwi fruit.

The milk chocolate-coated bar is loaded with kiwi sorbet and Tahitian vanilla ice cream in the middle that is studded with poppy seeds. The chocolate glaze is given a "fuzzy" treatment that makes it look like the kiwi's brown furry skin.

The refreshingly zesty bar, which costs US$7 (S$9.70), was rolled out on May 27 - in time for summer.

According to lifestyle portal, Thrillist, chef Ansel said: ""Kiwi is one of those fruits that has a really unique taste and texture - a sweet, slightly tart and juicy centre that works really well as a cold, refreshing sorbet, and that fuzzy skin outside which I thought we could recreate with a layer of milk chocolate so that it's actually edible."

Thrillist also described the fruity confection as "already in the running for the most delicious-looking treat of the year."

The kiwi sorbet bar joins a string of photo-friendly confections that chef Ansel has concocted.

In 2013, he came up with the cronut, which is a hybrid of a croissant and doughnut. The cronut has spawned numerous copycats in bakeries around the world, including Singapore.

His other imaginative desserts include a Magic Souffle, that has a chocolate souffle encased in an orange blossom brioche, and Frozen S'more.

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