Canter over unicorn frappuccino, here's the Merlion frap from a Starbucks in Singapore

A Singapore version of the unicorn frappucino (left) was dubbed the Merlion frappuccino (right) by a customer.
A Singapore version of the unicorn frappucino (left) was dubbed the Merlion frappuccino (right) by a customer.PHOTOS: REUTERS/SCREENGRAB FROM YOUTUBE

SINGAPORE - You may have seen it on Facebook or Instagram, although it is not available in Singapore.

The pink and blue Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino, available only from April 18 to 23 in the US, Canada and Mexico, conjured up a such frenzy that Starbucks baristas began complaining about making them on social media.

The flavour of the drink, which is sprinkled with shiny pink and blue powder, apparently changes as you stir it.

The pastel-coloured drink has been said to be a great "fashion accessory", no faint praise when photogenic food rules social media.

One Starbucks outlet, at Orchard Point, meanwhile, has come up with a Singapore version of the drink.

A video on YouTube by user thejetsets posted on Friday (April 21) shows how this "tropical edition", which he dubbed the Merlion frappuccino, was made.

The baristas seemed a little hesitant at first, but both the customer and the baristas were happy with the result - a pink and orange frappuccino that looks like a sunset.

"It's good, they should sell it" was the customer's verdict. According to one of the baristas, the flavour is "creamy mango".


The "unicorn" food trend started about a year ago in the United States, according to the New York Times.

Unicorn cakes, toast, lattes, cookies and bagels have popped up in cafes,bakeries and social media.

This includes anything with candy colours, and sparkly, or cute pastel-coloured decorations. Some mimic actual (imaginary) unicorns, with confection horse ears and golden horns.

With Starbucks jumping on the psychedelic bandwagon, there has been some interest in Singapore.

Starbucks Singapore's Facebook page has received some queries from customers about whether the sparkly drink will be coming to the island.

The coffee chain said on Monday that the unicorn frappuccino is sold exclusively in the United States and there are no plans to bring it to SingaporeĀ at the moment.Ā 

At least one local cafe, Boufe Boutique cafe, serves a unicorn cake, while many do have rainbow cakes.

Meanwhile, how about a colourful ice kacang?