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Taiwanese brand TP Tea's first Singapore outlet is at the departure hall at Changi Airport Terminal 2 and it opens 24 hours.
Taiwanese brand TP Tea's first Singapore outlet is at the departure hall at Changi Airport Terminal 2 and it opens 24 hours.PHOTO: TP TEA

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Craving bubble tea in the middle of the night? Head to the departure hall at Changi Airport Terminal 2 for your fix.

Taiwanese brand TP Tea launched its first Singapore outlet at the airport last Wednesday and it is open round the clock.

The bubble tea chain, which has more than 300 shops in the region, is the latest chain to enter Singapore's increasingly crowded bubble tea market.

Bestsellers include Tie Guan Yin Tea Latte ($4.60), Pearl Black Tea Latte with Red Beans ($5.30) and a Pearl Milk Tea Soft Serve Ice Cream ($3.60).

Taiwanese bubble tea brand TP Tea opens first store in Singapore at Changi Airport: str.sg/oMw3


From a mille crepe cake with layers of fresh mao shan wang durian pulp and lush cream to D24 durian choux puffs, there is no shortage of ways to enjoy a durian's pungent and flavourful flesh.

ST Food has picked up a story showcasing eight durian-centric desserts worth your calories from Her World, a fashion and beauty monthly published by SPH Magazines.

Must-eat desserts for durian lovers: str.sg/oMZj


Cook restaurant-style crispy squid with this recipe by The New Paper's Hedy Khoo.

Toss the squid in a mixture of ground turmeric and salt to get rid of any strong odour. Coat lightly in cornflour and deep-fry before wok-frying the cooked squid with garlic, chilli and spring onion.

Recipe for crispy squid: str.sg/oMqe

Make cheesy French toast with pita bread. The pita pockets are perfect for stuffing savoury ingredients such as cheese, peppers, diced turkey breast and cold cuts.

Dip each stuffed pita in an egg-milk batter and cook it in a pan like French toast. Make it for breakfast on a weekend or as a snack for the kids.

Recipe for pita bread French toast: str.sg/oM4N

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