askST: Where can I buy the Chicken in a Biskit snack?

Reader Yan Chui Ping wrote in to ask about Chicken in a Biskit. She said: "Where did our favourite childhood snack Chicken in a Biscuit go? We can no longer find it in major supermarkets."

Food writer Eunice Quek finds out.

American multinational food and beverage company Mondelez International is the parent company of Nabisco, which produces Chicken in a Biskit.

Supermarket chains such as FairPrice and Cold Storage no longer sell it, as it was discontinued by the supplier in August 2015.

Shops selling old-school snacks, such as Biscuit King in Casuarina Road, also say that they do not carry the flavoured crackers, although they do get queries from customers occasionally.

However, Chicken in a Biskit products are still available in the United States.

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