askST: How much coconut milk can I get from one grated coconut?

Reader Jennie Cheong wrote to askST: "I am researching heritage recipes, especially Peranakan ones, and the recipes call for one grated coconut with added water and squeezed for thick coconut milk. Nowadays, we buy ready-to-use coconut milk from the supermarket, which comes in 200ml to 1-litre packets. What would be the equivalent quantity of milk from one grated coconut?"

Food writer Eunice Quek checked with the experts for an answer.

Local chef and cooking instructor Devagi Sanmugam says that one coconut yields 400 to 450 ml of thick coconut milk, and about 200 ml of coconut cream.

To make 400 ml of thick coconut milk from one grated coconut, add about 300 ml of water to the grated coconut and squeeze. After straining, measure the amount before using, as some coconuts will be able to release more milk while others may be dry and give less milk.

There is no need to add water for coconut cream. Just place a handful of grated coconut into a muslin pouch and squeeze hard. Don't put too much grated coconut in the pouch at one go as it would be difficult to squeeze out almost every drop of the cream.

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