9 ways to season your protein

Turmeric powder (above) can be paired with red chilli powder to make a seasoning for food.
Turmeric powder (above) can be paired with red chilli powder to make a seasoning for food.PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER FILE

(SHAPE SINGAPORE) - Tired of bland food? Trying to chow down a tasteless piece of chicken for the third time this week?

Break out of your salt and pepper rut with these diet-friendly seasonings.

You will find it easier to sustain your clean-eating streak with these healthy seasonings that give you complete satisfaction with their superior taste. Plus, some of these seasonings have no calories.

1. Garlic and ginger seasoning

Perk up your taste buds with the simple addition of garlic and ginger to your dishes.

Grind fresh garlic and ginger together to form a thick paste. This paste makes a wonderful marinade for all poultry and seafood cuts. Aside from increasing the taste of protein, this paste also imparts its powerful medicinal properties to your body for increased immunity.

2. Turmeric and chilli powder seasoning

Pair turmeric powder with some red chilli powder for a gastronomical delight. The red chilli powder adds a fiery kick to the turmeric, which can be used to improve the taste of omelettes and stir-fry dishes. It gives your food superior taste while increasing your metabolism for extra calorie burn.

3. Cinnamon powder seasoning

Cinnamon powder is not only reserved for pastries and drinks. Adding a dash of cinnamon to chicken or seafood marinade adds a rich layer of sweetness to savoury protein dishes.

It is a refreshing change from typically spicy seasonings, with added anti-inflammatory benefits. Tip: Flavour baked sweet potato with cinnamon powder for a mouth-watering dish that will amaze your friends and family.

4. Lemongrass seasoning

Elevate the taste of soups and curries with lemongrass, a fragrant leaf that releases its piquant and citrusy flavour to meals. It elevates the taste of otherwise bland soups to a culinary delight that will get you hooked to its aroma and fragrant taste.

Lemongrass also relieves common digestive issues like bloating.

5. Onion powder seasoning

Make the best out of this versatile vegetable by using onion powder in your dishes. Its distinctive aroma maximises the taste of protein.

For a healthy homemade version, dehydrate chopped onions by baking them in the oven for a couple of hours. Then, toss them in the food processor. Its lip-smacking taste will make it a kitchen favourite for all your recipes.

6. Coriander seasoning

Use the sharp taste of coriander to your advantage by incorporating this healthy herb in your dishes. Chop some coriander into a thin paste and mix it with some vinegar to marinate your protein. You will be blown away by how perfectly this healthy seasoning heightens the taste of your dishes. Your taste buds will definitely appreciate something new.

7. Lemon seasoning

Never underestimate the power of this kitchen staple. A dash of lemon juice adds a tremendous amount of flavour to otherwise plain dishes. Thanks to its citrusy and refreshing zing, it makes your protein taste good while delivering a burst of vitamin C to your body.

8. Olive oil seasoning

Infuse your protein with olive oil and its wholesome taste increases the health content of your dish. It ensures that you have your daily dose of healthy fat for a stronger heart and better skin. This is a no-brainer marinade for protein if you want maximum taste from your dishes in minimal time.

9. Yogurt

Yogurt’s creamy taste makes it a healthy alternative to heavy cream.

Marinate your protein with spiced yogurt for a rich and filling meal that turns even the most basic dishes to a delicious plate of comfort food. Plus, yogurt is the secret to ensuring that the flesh of chicken remains tender and flavourful.