6 things to eat which will aid digestion and reduce bloating

Tips on what foods will help your digestion.
Tips on what foods will help your digestion. AFP

(SHAPE) - Feeling bloated after an indulgent meal? Add these foods to your diet to help you hit the reset button on your body.

1 Mustard

Did you know that by eating just one tablespoon of mustard, you can boost your metabolism by 25 per cent? This is thanks to its capsaicin and allyl isthiocyanates content. It can’t hurt to give your digestive system a little boost after all that bingeing, right?

2 Lemon

Loaded with vitamin C, lemons help with digestion and keep your liver and kidneys healthy. This is especially useful if you’ve been eating lots of salty food during the holidays. Try throwing some lemon slices into your water bottle for a quick fix.

3 Kiwi

This little fruit packs a punch in the fibre department. In fact, a 2010 study in Taipei found that regular consumption of kiwi can help to relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. If you’re too lazy to cut your own kiwis, find them easily at fruit stalls in hawker centres.

4 Water

We all know drinking lots of water is good for us. It helps to carry toxins out of your cells, and enables your kidneys to work their cleansing magic. If you work in an office, try drinking enough water that you’re taking a bathroom break every hour. It takes just five minutes and your mind and body will thank you for taking that short walk. Bonus: drinking enough water will also help to keep your skin in tip-top condition.

5 Green tea

Green tea is high in antioxidants, and your liver – the organ that’s responsible for your body’s natural detoxification processes – needs them to fight free radical damage. Remember to go for the sugar-free variant!

6 Banana

Banish the bloat with bananas – thanks to its rich potassium content, which helps to balance your body’s sodium levels, bananas can actually help to reduce water retention and bloating. For breakfast, try swapping out your kaya toast for a banana with some peanut butter.