3 places to eat fried chicken with fiery sambal in Jakarta

(From left) Ayam geprek (battered fried chicken with sambal) from Ayam Keprabon, Ayam Blenger PSP and Geprek Bensu. PHOTOS: INSTAGRAM

(THE JAKARTA POST/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - The popularity of ayam geprek (battered fried chicken with sambal) rose last year, giving lovers of spicy food new mealtime alternatives.

After trying several ayam geprek dishes in the past six months, The Jakarta Post has compiled three places to try the fiery-hot dish.

Ayam Keprabon

With more than 40 outlets across Indonesia, Ayam Keprabon is among the most popular places for ayam geprek.

Here, food enthusiasts can choose levels of spiciness between one and five, with level one coming with around four chili peppers.

In addition to its ayam geprek set, Ayam Keprabon also serves ayam geprek with mozzarella cheese and kol goreng (fried cabbage).

Original ayam geprek with rice is priced at 15,000 rupiah (S$1.40).

Ayam Blenger PSP

Ayam Blenger PSP offers levels of spiciness between one and 10.

The brand claims that they use around 10 chili peppers for level one ayam geprek, which makes it a must-try option for the chili-craving crowd.

Ayam Blenger PSP also serves various side dishes, such as kol goreng and deep fried chicken skin.

Geprek Bensu

Geprek Bensu is owned by local celebrity Ruben Onsu. Be careful though, as there are several outlets in town posing as Geprek Bensu branches.

When compared to the aforementioned brands, Geprek Bensu serves a wider selection of dishes, including ayam geprek with sambal matah (Balinese-style onion sambal), terong geprek (eggplant sambal) and ayam geprek served with fried noodles.

The restaurant's ayam geprek set is priced at 15,000 rupiah.

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