100 new labels at Beerfest Asia

Black Kite Brewery's signature smoked ale "tastes like bacon".
Black Kite Brewery's signature smoked ale "tastes like bacon". PHOTO: BLACK KITE BREWERY

SINGAPORE (THE  NEW PAPER- At Beerfest Asia 2017, which kicked off on Aug 17, more than 100 new labels made their debut.

Here are three of them:



This start-up, founded in 2015 in India, offers brews such as low-bitterness wheat beer and extra hoppy craft lager. Mr Ankur Jain, Bira 91's chief executive officer, was inspired during his four years working in New York.

He said: "My office was down the street from Brooklyn Brewery, one of the icons of the American craft beer revolution."

Mr Jain feels that urban millennials want to "transition out of plain vanilla beers into something more flavourful and colourful".

He added: "But the choices they have today are either too expensive, too serious or are centuries old..."

On participating in Beerfest, he said that "Singapore has the pulse of Asia and is a meeting point for all cultures".



The latest entrant to Thailand's beer market, on top of existing brands under Thai brewer Singha, is perfect for those looking for a lighter option.

U Beer, which is five per cent lager, was launched in Thailand last year to "break all the rules".

Mr Chutchai Wiratyosin, vice-president of U Beer, told The New Paper: "The new generation is not only looking for just functional beer, but they are searching for the brand relevant to their lifestyle."

U Beer, which is breaking into Singapore for the first time, is seeing rising demand from international markets. Mr Wiratyosin added: "In Japan, U Beer is the latest hype, known for sponsoring (music festival) Amuse Fes 2017 as well as various local music events in Tokyo."

U Beer hopes to attract Beerfest attendees with its look and design.

"Expanding the market internationally is one of our strategies, and Beerfest is the perfect venue for every beer brand showcase," said Mr Wiratyosin.



The brand was founded by Hong Kong-born brothers Dan and Dave Gallie in 2014, after the duo discovered craft beer while in university in the United States.

They then started their own brewery in Hong Kong, specialising in their signature standout - smoked ale, which "tastes like bacon".

Mr Dave Gallie said: "Our core range of ales are designed to be quite easy to drink, which is important in the hot and humid climate in Asia."