Food delivery services lead to hawker centre queues

I refer to the article on online hawker food delivery start-ups, (Hawker Food At A Click, The Sunday Times, Aug 13).

The services offered by these companies may be a boon for those who do not have time to queue, but they are horrendous for those who are actually queueing for food from their favourite hawker stalls.

These service providers hog the queue with their massive orders, depriving ordinary customers of food from these stalls unless they are willing to wait for more than an hour.

Some months ago, I was queueing at one-Michelin-starred Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle in Chinatown Food Complex.

WhyQ staff were placing dozens of orders, which naturally held up the queue.

The authorities should step in to stop hawker-stall owners who rent cheaply from the Government from selling to these bulk buyers.

If bulk orders are allowed, the stall should run like a food catering company with a central kitchen and not from a hawker centre.

Alternatively, we could stop patronising the stalls which choose to cater to bulk orders.

Lim Swee Kheng


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