Food and drink tours

Want to try an ice-cold mug of Tiger beer direct from the brewery? Going on the behind-the-scenes tour at Asia Pacific Breweries' Tuas factory is a great way to try a super fresh pint right where it has been made.

On the hour-long Tiger Brewery Tour, you learn about the process of brewing beer as well as the rich history behind this iconic 85-year-old local brand.

For example, you can observe thousands of beer cans moving through conveyor belts from machine to machine and look at 44,000-litre mash tuns, where crushed malt is brewed with warm water.

The tour ends at the Tiger Tavern bar, where you get to sample a range of beers brewed at Asia Pacific Breweries' factory free-flow for 45 minutes. The regional brewer and distributor also makes beers such as Heineken and Anchor Beer.

The Tiger Brewery Tour is one of the behind-the-scenes food factory tours in Singapore that allows participants to learn about the history behind local food brands as well as sample their produce.

Guan Hin Coffee, a 37-year-old local coffee powder manufacturer, also conducts tours at its Bedok factory. The tours are led by second-generation owner Chew Theng Kuan, 68, and his daughter Zhou Zhi Juan, 27.


  • WHERE: 459 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim

    WHEN: Mondays to Saturdays. Tours start at 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5pm

    ADMISSION: $18 (Mondays to Fridays) and $22 (Saturdays). Additional $2 for walk-ins. This month, there is a $10 discount for all operationally ready national servicemen, full-time national servicemen, Safra and NS Home Team card holders

    INFO: Call 6860-3005 or go to


  • WHERE: Guan Hin Coffee Powder Manufacturing, 06-15, Block 3017 Bedok North Street 5

    WHEN: Depends on availability. Call to book two weeks in advance

    ADMISSION: $10 for Singaporeans (groups with more than 25 people pay $8 a person); $13 for foreign visitors

    INFO: Call 6748-0385 or go to


  • WHERE: 32 Lorong 1 Realty Park WHEN: Between 9 and 11.30am. Call to book a few days in advance


    INFO: Call 6489-7087 or go to

Visitors will witness the different stages of producing a cup of authentic Nanyang coffee, from raw coffee beans being roasted in four giant roasters to watching it being processed in a grinder.

Mr Chew will also demonstrate how coffee beans were traditionally roasted in the 1970s using a small manual hand roaster that belonged to his father.

After that, visitors can fill up their own sachets of coffee powder to take home and learn to hand-brew the perfect cuppa using a traditional coffee sock.

Mr Chew, who took over his father's business in 2011, has been running these tours since 2013 to expose younger people to the heritage and processes of local coffee. He says: "The younger generation doesn't know what makes our traditional black kopi so different from the Starbucks they drink."

The factory still makes use of some equipment Mr Chew's father designed, such as a make-shift pulley system.

Despite the lack of modern machinery, the factory churns out 2,400kg of roasted beans a day, which are then exported to overseas markets such as China and Japan.

Finally, there is My Genie Gourmet's tour, held at the kueh and curry puff maker's factory in Hougang. The 20-year-old company distributes its products to its four Genie Foods outlets and other wholesalers.

Watch how local delights such as curry puffs and soon kueh - a traditional Chinese dumpling stuffed with turnip - are made by hand. You can also buy some of the products to take home. A curry puff costs $1.30 and a box of five soon kueh costs $3.50.

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