Fast Lane: Sneak peek of future McLaren


Sneak peek of future McLaren

British sports-car maker McLaren has pulled the covers off a new and heavily disguised grand tourer (GT).

Currently in the final stages of testing, the unnamed GT (above) will be powered by a version of the company's twin-turbo V8 mounted amidships and will be "the most usable mid-engined car yet", McLaren chief executive Mike Flewitt said.

The new McLaren will share components with the Speedtail hybrid hypercar, but will remain unique and not part of any existing model series.

Toyota makes some EV patents royalty-free

Toyota Motor Corporation is making nearly 24,000 of its patents royalty-free to accelerate the development and adoption of electric vehicles (EV) worldwide.

The patents, some of which are still pending, cover components like electric motors, power control units and system controls, technologies that are essential to the development of various types of electrified vehicles, including hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and fuel-cell electric vehicles .

Toyota's executive vice-president Shigeki Terashi said that now is the time for cooperation.

"If the number of electrified vehicles accelerates significantly in the next 10 years, they (electrified vehicle technologies) will become standard and we hope to play a role in supporting that process," he said.

Separately, Toyota announced it will provide paid technical support to manufacturers developing and selling electrified vehicles when they use Toyota-built EV components as part of their powertrain systems.

Nissan to reveal new sedan

Nissan will unveil a new sedan at this year's Shanghai International Automobile Exhibition.

Few details were given about the unnamed sedan, except that it "features Nissan's latest distinctive design cues" and offers an array of technologies which "embody Nissan Intelligent Mobility", the company's vision for future cars.


Two electric concepts will be showcased alongside the new sedan: the IMs electric sports sedan and the IMQ crossover (above), which uses Nissan's e-Power hybrid technology.

Volkswagen tests autonomous vehicles in Hamburg

Tests on a fleet of Level 4 autonomous vehicles in the German city of Hamburg have begun.


Five autonomous Volkswagen e-Golfs (above) follow a 3km route to test real-world driving conditions.

They are each equipped with 11 laser scanners, seven radars and 14 cameras and use deep learning, neural networks and pattern recognition to make sense of road data.

Test drivers are behind the steering wheel of each e-Golf in case of an emergency.

A longer 9km test track is slated for completion in Hamburg, which aims to be a "model city" for intelligent mobility.

Wong Kai Yi

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