Wrist Taker


Who: Mike Tay, 46. Founder of Onlewo, a design label with Singapore-storied fabrics and prints expressed on home and lifestyle gifts.

Watch: Eone Bradley Compass

How much I paid for it: This is a present from my partner, who gave it to me on the plane returning from our Bangkok holiday a few years ago.

Why I like it: I like this watch for its considered and inclusive design.

Other than looking at it, one can also check the time by touching the two rotating ball bearings.

The front bearing indicates minutes and the one on the side indicates hours.

It also has a clean, simple and understated look, which makes this a great dress watch. I usually do not wear a watch at work and refer to my smartphone when I want to know the time.

I treasure my time.

To unwind after a hectic week, I like going to the beach with my furry kids to watch the sun set and enjoy the breeze. The passing of moments is especially clear when the hues of the setting sun are reflected on the waves, fading into dusk.

Sunsets remind me to cherish every minute and make the best of life by staying true to myself rather than living in the expectations of others.

Wong Kim Hoh

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