Want to look smarter? Draw your brows right

1. The glamorous brow.
1. The glamorous brow.PHOTO: SHU UEMURA
The right shape and colour of your brows can transform one's look.
2. The sharp brow.PHOTO: SHU UEMURA
The right shape and colour of your brows can transform one's look.
3 The natural brow.PHOTO: SHU UEMURA
The right shape and colour of your brows can transform one's look.
4 The sweet brow.PHOTO: SHU UEMURA

How do I change my make-up look with a different brow shape?

There are at least four brow shapes that you can opt for, says Ms Sophia Chia, an assistant training manager at Shu Uemura.

The different brow shapes can make you look more glamorous and even smarter.

1 The glamorous brow

The arch of such brows - think actresses Angelina Jolie and Eva Mendes and singer Beyonce - is more pronounced.

As you draw on the brows, make sure the tails are angled downwards, but just slightly.

Longer brows give a more sophisticated look, so each brow should be slightly longer than the length of the eye. Do this by subtly extending the head and tail of the brows.

Opt for a deep-coloured brow pencil to make the brows look bolder. Match these brows with intense, smoky eye make-up.

2 The sharp brow

This brow shape can help you project an intelligent and no- nonsense demeanour - perfect for days when you have an important work meeting.

Sharper-looking brows are broader, mainly horizontal, and have an angular shape.

Use a more intense colour on the brows. Darken them and enhance their shape by drawing soft and short horizontal strokes on the sparse areas. Complete the look with soft cat-eye make-up or bold cat-eye flicks drawn with liquid or gel eyeliner.

3 The natural brow

These require some effort.

Pick a brow pencil in a shade that is similar to your hair colour and fill in the sparse areas with soft, short strokes.

Keep the arch gentle and the length of the brow within the length of the eye.

Finish with eyeshadow in a nude, bronze or brown shade with a subtle shimmer.

4 The sweet brow

Round cheeks and round faces are associated with cuteness, so brows with a rounder shape will further enhance a sweet-looking face. The trick is to ensure that the tail of the brow is curved while the bottom of the inner brow is slightly shaded.

Eye make-up that widens eyes would match such brows. Smudge liner close to the upper lash-line. Cut a strip of false lashes into four and attach one section at the outer corner of each eye. Keep the remaining two sections for another time.

Shu Uemura recently launched its 3D Brow Styling service ($15, at Shu Uemura counters), where you can get your brows shaped to fit the look you want.

Go to to make an appointment.

Besides Shu Uemura, brands which offer a good range of brow products include Benefit, Bobbi Brown and Make Up For Ever.

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