Uneven look with bangs


The actress and comedian, most famous for her role in television sitcom Parks And Recreation, was seen on the Emmys red carpet with an asymmetrical bob. The 31-year- old kept her bangs short, slightly graduated and parted to the side.

"This hairstyle suits Asian faces because it's softer at the ends and still has volume at the top," says Ms Jennie Sng, creative team stylist at Kim Robinson.

Textured bangs work well on round faces as they help to diffuse the roundness. The length of the bangs is also important. Plaza's bangs end above her eye area and this elongates her face instead of widening it. Note that blunt bangs that go straight across the face work best on oval faces - they widen the appearance of those with round and square faces.

You can wear this style straight or curled. Ms Sng suggests giving the longer side an ombre treatment to highlight the length. She adds: "This style could also be done even shorter. You could have the shorter side either go up to the earlobes or do an undercut."

To get the look, ask for a lopsided bob, with one side shorter than the other. The side where the hair is parted should end at the chin while the other side should end just above the shoulders.

How to style the look:

1. Apply a heat-protecting spray to freshly washed hair.

2. Lightly blow-dry the hair with a paddle brush. Start at the roots to create volume, combing hair inwards towards the ends to give it shape.

3. Use a light hairspray to give the style a flexible hold.

4. Use a small amount of hair wax or mousse along the fringe to keep it in place.

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