Tips on eyebrow maintainence

How do I keep my eyebrows healthy and in shape between waxing sessions?

Getting perfectly shaped eyebrows is something most would leave to the hands of a professional waxing beautician, but more can be done in between these sessions to keep your brows looking neat .

American beauty label Benefit Cosmetics training manager Lawrence Tan, 41, who is based in Singapore, says customers should not forget to keep skin healthy after a waxing session as well.

Here are his tips on keeping brows fresh.

Soothe the skin

The skin around the brows can be more sensitive after waxing. Apply a cream or gel that contains cooling ingredients such as aloe vera to soothe and moisturise the skin.


Cover up stray hairs

Try not to tweeze in-between sessions. You risk hairs breaking instead of being pulled out from the root. This could result in in-grown hairs. Use a concealer or highlighter to cover up stray hairs or regrowth. A highlighter will also lift your brows visually.

Define your brows

If you have to tweeze, do not tweeze a bare brow. Fill in your brow like you usually would before plucking. This will help you avoid accidentally removing a hair that should not be plucked.

Keep skin taut

Keep your skin taut while tweezing as this helps make sure the hair is removed from the root. Always tweeze your hair in the direction of your hair growth.

Here are some products to try:

1. Strip Ice Cream, $51.36 for 50ml, from Strip, available at all Browhaus, Strip and Spa Esprit stores

A cream that is infused with mint extract and licorice root, which the label says will soothe inflamed skin.

2. 24/7 Concealer Pencil, $28, from Urban Decay, available at all Urban Decay stores

A creamy formula that appears matte when dried. This pencil concealer is perfect for covering up stray hairs.

3. High Brow, $39, from Benefit Cosmetics, available at all Benefit counters from June 23

Use this pencil to hide stray hairs and highlight the arch below your brow to visually lift your brows.

4. 1 Day Tattoo Lasting 2 Way Eyebrow Pencil, $23.90, from K-Palette, available at all Sasa and BHG stores

This long-lasting, highly pigmented eyebrow pencil also comes with a powder tip for precision application.

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