Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou wants to continue filming action scenes in upcoming works

Jay Chou pairing his Tudor Royal watch with his streetwear brand Phantaci.
Jay Chou pairing his Tudor Royal watch with his streetwear brand Phantaci.PHOTO: TUDOR

SINGAPORE - At his first public press event of the year, Mandopop king Jay Chou admitted to feeling a little nervous being in front of so many cameras again.

"Thank god I haven't been drinking that much bubble tea recently," the 41-year-old Taiwanese singer said at a launch for watchmaker Tudor's new Royal collection of sport-chic watches in Taipei last Tuesday (Sept 29).

He jokes: "You can photoshop your own publicity photos but no one does that for you at a press event."

Chou, who is a Tudor ambassador, put in a 20-minutes appearance at the event which was broadcast live to overseas press in Hong Kong, China and Singapore, taking only questions sent in advance.

The multi-hyphenate who has directed music videos and his own films like Secret (2007), helmed an advertisement featuring himself for the brand.

He says: "I'm more casual with my own videos but this is the first time I'm doing something like this for an international brand so I'm more cautious. I want to satisfy the client, after all."

In the advertisement, he is seen acting out a fight scene and later sittng down to flaunt his piano skills.

Filming the scene brought back old memories.

"It reminded me of days filming (Hollywood action comedy) The Green Hornet (2011). I definitely tire more easily now but I shan't be defeated by old age," he says.

Chou, who wore a 41mm Tudor Royal watch with a blue dial, adds that he wants to continue to do action scenes in his upcoming works.

"I have 20 years left before I'm 60 so I'd better film fight scenes while I still can," he explains with a laugh.

On his criteria for picking out timepieces for himself, Chou says: "Firstly, price. I'm practical like that but also how the watch looks. I like something bright but still elegant, something that goes with everything."

When asked how the brand's slogan Born To Dare resonates with him, Chou reflects on his career - which spans singing, acting, directing and hosting.

He says: "I think you can say I'm a greedy person in the entertainment industry. I even want to host.

"Hosting J-Style Trip (Chou's Netflix travelogue series), for example, is a daring thing for me because it's a reality series which goes to so many places in the world where there are language barriers. I could only communicate with my music and my magic tricks."


Chou has been breaking down language barriers outside of his travel series - sometimes posting in English on his Instagram account.

The star, who is married to Taiwanese-Australian model Hannah Quinlivan and has two children with her, says: "I'm learning a bit but my wife helps to translate my posts too."