Tailored for the high life

Actor Daniel Craig, who reprises his role as James Bond in Spectre, in a Tom Ford suit (above). Actress Lea Seydoux in a bespoke dress in Spectre (right).
Actor Daniel Craig, who reprises his role as James Bond in Spectre, in a Tom Ford suit (above). PHOTOS: F.J. BENJAMIN (SINGAPORE)
Actor Daniel Craig, who reprises his role as James Bond in Spectre, in a Tom Ford suit (above). Actress Lea Seydoux in a bespoke dress in Spectre (right).
Actress Lea Seydoux in a bespoke dress in Spectre (above).

It is luxury galore on the James Bond film, Spectre, with its cast dressed in bespoke outfits

You may have heard that in the new James Bond movie, Spectre, Daniel Craig's Bond drives the Aston Martin DB10 prototype, one of only 10 made and worth US$4.6 million (S$6.5 million) on the street. But that is just the start of the high-priced life 007 inhabits in the 24th instalment of the Bond franchise.

The luxury starts from the moment filmgoers see his Tom Ford bespoke suit and Omega watches at a Day of the Dead festival in Mexico. Even his cuff links and sunglasses demand careful attention.

"Don't forget, Bond is a detail man," costume designer Jany Temime said in a thick French accent the morning after the film's Mexico City North American premiere. "He comes from the Navy."

And then there is Lea Seydoux's Madeleine Swann, dressed in custom ball gowns, diamond earrings and delicate silk creme frocks frolicking through hotels and African locomotive trains near Tangiers.

It is plenty to tally, but here is a breakdown of what their outfits and accessories are worth in director Sam Mendes' second Bond film.


Throughout the movie, Bond wears Tom Ford bespoke clothing, including an ivory Windsor tuxedo jacket (US$5,200 for the off-the-rack version) and tuxedo shirt; three different dress shirts, including one with turnback cuffs; two formal coats; four neckties; a bowtie and pocket square.

He also wears a blue N. Peal cashmere sweater (US$340), the same model he wore in the 2012 movie, Skyfall, in several scenes in the film. N. Peal is a fine, small manufacturer of cashmere founded in London. 

"I tried to find a traditional look for Bond, a classic look," Ms Temime said. "Bond is a classic man. He is confident and sure of himself and he has exactly the right clothes for the situation. He is the epitome of an English gentleman." 

Bond also wore the US$4,086 Tom Ford O'Connor suit in the Mexico opening sequence and other scenes and a US$4,487 Tom Ford Windsor three-piece suit in Rome. In a London meeting with M, he wears a US$2,235 Tom Ford Herringbone overcoat. 

In the Alps, he wears a US$2,236 Tom Ford Bomber jacket, a pair of US$250 Danner Boots and special US$600 Vuarnet aviator sunglasses complete with black leather side shields.

He also wore specially made trousers based on vintage military models. "Those were based on French army ski trousers, 1960s ski trousers," said Ms Temime. "I took them to Tom Ford and he made them for us." 


Along with the Vuarnet shades, Bond wore the Tom Ford Snowdon sunglasses (US$405) in Spectre, especially in the scenes shot in Rome. He also wore the US$405 Tom Ford Henry Vintage Wayfarer model in Morocco. Swann wore a pair from Persol.

Bond wears US$380 Mulberry Day Glove Black Deerskin gloves in several cold-weather scenes and a pantheon of handsome shoes by British firm Crockett & Jones. Standouts include the US$710 Camberley and US$600 Norwich models.

As for watches, Bond is an Omega man. He wears two in this film - an Omega Aqua Terra Limited Edition (US$6,150) and an Omega Seamaster 300 Spectre Limited Edition (US$6,350).

He matches those at one point with black and double-sided Tom Ford limited-edition cuff links, which Christie's valued at nearly US$2,300.


Seydoux's Swann had to look sexy for her role, as you might expect. But Ms Temime also wanted to convey that this was a woman on the move.

"She was travelling," she said. "That light green dress she wore in the train was specially made for her. I wanted a dress she could roll in and be glamorous and in which she could breathe."

In fact, most of the clothing Swann wore was specially made, from the creme dress she wore in Morocco to her suits in Austria.

But for Ms Temime, that ghostly sea foam bespoke dress was the standout. "I loved the green dress best and the tuxedo. She had that dress. He had that white tuxedo. They are in Morocco in a train, which is an incredible look. Together, they are like a dream couple."

Elsewhere, Seydoux wore David Deyong diamond earrings (US$300) and used Globe Trotter luggage (from US$2,400) while in Morocco.


• Spectre is showing in cinemas.

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