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Sunkissed face without the sun

Using a warmer blush will help create a more natural tanned look.
Using a warmer blush will help create a more natural tanned look.PHOTOS: LAURA MERCIER, MARC JACOBS BEAUTY, NARS, SEPHORA, SHU UEMURA, ST FILE, URBAN DECAY

Get the bronzed-skin look with the right application and colour choices

How do I create the sunkissed look without going into the sun?

A glowing tan with a natural radiant flush can help create a healthy and fresh-off-the-beach look.

But everyone knows that too much sun exposure can also harm the skin and result in more fine lines and sun spots.

Fake tans can also be a hassle and may result in a skin tone that looks artificial.

But with some strategic make-up application and the right colour choices, it is easy to create a subtle bronzed-skin look.

Here are some tips:

Pick a lightweight foundation

Start with a BB cream or tinted moisturiser for sheer to medium coverage. Heavier foundations may look too cakey, but a lighter base will help achieve a more natural dewy finish.

Pick the right bronzer

Select a bronzer that is two or three shades darker than your skin tone. Anything darker will look too fake.

Go for a warm blush

Instead of a pink or rosy blush, warm and deep peach or tawny shades will help create a more natural tanned effect.


Apply the bronzer and blush all the way across the cheeks and the bridge of the nose - this will help create a flushed glow.

Highlight for radiance

Adding some shimmer can help to brighten the face even more. Dab or brush on a warm highlighter where the light naturally hits the features - down the centre of the nose, above the brow and at the highest point of the cheek.

Here are some products to try:

1. Orgasm Liquid Blush, $50, from Nars counters

A sheer salmon colour with subtle golden shimmer for a warm radiant look. The fluid formula blends easily and contains oils that the label says will help to moisturise the skin.

2. Creamy Blusher, $33, from Shu Uemura counters

A velvety light cream blush that creates a wash of colour on the skin with a natural-looking finish.

3. Sunset Bronzing Crayon, $54, from Laura Mercier counters

This bronzing crayon can be used on the face, eyes and lips to help create that fresh-from-the-sun look.

4. Afterglow Highlighter Palette, $42, from Urban Decay counters

Four lightweight and blendable highlighters to give your skin a customised luminous glow.

5. Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter, $69, from Marc Jacobs Beauty counters

Give your skin a warm, dewy summer look with this gel highlighter that has a golden-peach hue. The formula can be applied alone to highlight certain features or mixed into foundation for a more diffused overall glow.

6. Becca X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette, $69, from Sephora

Achieve a natural summer flush with this limited-edition palette which includes two highlighters, a blush and a bronzer in shades of rose gold, pink coral and amber.

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