Streetwear fashion moves from back-alley to main street

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From the ultra-popular brand Supreme, to jogging pants at Tom Ford, the style rooted in hip-hop and skater fashion is going mainstream.

NEW YORK (REUTERS) - Streetwear is having a fashion moment.

The style rooted in hip-hop and skater fashion is going mainstream, with designers putting tracksuits and graphic t-shirts center stage on New York Fashion Week.

The trend has long been in the making, says's Elena Fishman.

"One thing we've learned by looking at recent fashion people are obsessed with comfort right now and I think the era of sort of squeezing oneself into really constricting clothes and sort of conforming to that idea of glamour and fashion is sort of taking a breather for a bit," said Fishman.

Julian Woodhouse, creative director of menswear brand Wood House Army, says he originally started out his career with couture-like designs, but now his collection is "casual cool."

"Because I think that what guys, that is what I want. And I think that's where menswear is going. I think menswear is going, I mean with streetwear you can break all the rules," added Woodhouse.

But when it comes to streetwear, one brand truly reigns, Supreme.

The skating brand that started here in downtown Manhattan has a cult-like following, with eager buyers camping out overnight, weekly, for the latest limited release called "drops."

And it is this allure of coolness that designers hope to replicate by bringing back street on to main street.

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