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Soft spot for suits

Communications specialist Joshua Nah finds them classy and fashionable


Mr Joshua Nah, 29, single, communications specialist in the automotive industry

How would you describe your style?

Classic and simple, although I can be quite adventurous and occasionally throw on outrageous colours and prints.

It depends on my mood and the occasion.

When did your interest in fashion start?

When I worked part-time as a sales associate at Hugo Boss when I was 18 years old, before enlisting in national service.

Mr Joshua Nah, who owns about 20 suits and blazers, pays attention to quality instead of following brands.

It opened my eyes to the fit and cut of clothes.

Before that, most of my clothes were baggy and my pants were straight-cut and, in hindsight, did not complement my body shape.

Who are your favourite designers and what are your go-to brands?

I don't have a favourite designer and I am not brand-focused - it is more about the quality of the clothes.

A lot of my things are from Zara and H&M because of their price and variety.

If you're looking for pants, shirts, casual or something more formal, they have it all.

Who is your style icon?

New York street-style star Nick Wooster.

I have a soft spot for suits and he does them well.

He wears classic suits with an attitude and has blazers in crazy prints and colours.

Not everyone can pull that off and his style gives me inspiration for what to try out next.

What are your favourite pieces in your wardrobe?

My wool suit from Carolina Herrera (photo 1) because I like doublebreasted suits and windowpane prints.

I find the double-breasted suit classic and flattering - you can get a sharper look with it, compared to a single-breasted suit.

I think windowpane-print suits are more interesting than plain ones.

I also love my black leather backpack from Coach (photo 2) because of its unique shape and the pebbled leather; my blue paisley-print pants from Zara (photo 3) as the fit makes me look skinny; and my white shirt from Cos (photo 4) because it fits me well.

My shoulders are broad and some shirts fit well at my shoulders, but are ill-fittingly loose at the body.

What are your weaknesses when it comes to shopping?

I go through phases.

I recently went through a sneaker phase, but now my weakness is for suits and shoes.

I like suits - they are classy and fashionable. I'm not big on accessories, so shoes help to spice up my outfits. I have about 20 suits and blazers and about 40 pairs of shoes.

What is your favourite splurge piece?

My Prada shoes with a zipper (photo 5).

I got it for $200 during a sale here two years ago.

It's not my most expensive purchase, but it's my favourite because I got it at such a bargain and it is dressy and can spruce up the most casual of outfits.

Is there a purchase you have regretted?

A long-sleeved multicoloured shirt from Armani Exchange.

I bought it on sale for about $80 last year because it looked nice when I tried it on at the store, but I have not worn it since.

What is your most recent fashion purchase?

A striped blue and white cotton suit from Uniqlo (photo 6), which I bought a month ago.

It was on sale and cost me less than $80.

I had a friend's wedding to attend at the Open Farm Community restaurant, which is mostly outdoors, and I wanted a suit that would be light and comfortable.

What is the best shopping or style advice you live by?

Pay attention to quality.

It doesn't matter if the item is super high-end or more affordable.

If the quality, fabric and construction of the item are not decent, it won't last.

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