Singapore women spend more than $200k on shoes in their lifetime: Survey

Research reveals that women in Singapore spend up to $204,000 on shoes in their lifetime. PHOTO: BLOOMBERG

SINGAPORE - Finding a sole mate is no easy task, according to a new survey which claims that 76 per cent of Singaporean women spend an average of two weeks a year looking for their perfect pair of shoes.

And it comes at a price. The research reveals that women here spend up to $204,000 on shoes in their lifetime - with $120,000 reserved for designer shoes.

The survey of 1,000 women across Singapore and Malaysia was commissioned by Chic Outlet Shopping, a collection of nine shopping villages across Europe, and conducted by research agency 2CV.

Showcasing their appetite to splurge, two-thirds of respondents in Singapore admitted to topping up a secret designer shoe fund every month, saving up to $1,000 - more than double the amount set aside by their counterparts in Malaysia.

Close to a third of those surveyed purchase multiple pairs of the same shoe or every colour of one style once they have found their perfect pair.

In stark contrast, 89 per cent admit to owning shoes they wore less than five times, with 46 per cent owning shoes yet to be worn.

"From timeless silhouettes to innovative new designs, shoes have always been a symbol of style and elegance, resonating with fashion-forward women across the world and are a great indicator of how people are feeling both emotionally and financially," international style expert Tamu McPherson said in a statement released on Thursday (April 14) with the survey findings.

Overseas trips seem to be a good excuse to go sole-searching. More than a third of respondents confessed to taking over their partner's luggage allowance or buying an extra suitcase to bring their new shoes home.

The survey also indicates that a third of women in Singapore buy shoes to celebrate a success, while 49 per cent admit to rushing out to buy a pair when their pay cheque arrives.

The size of the heels also speaks volumes about the image being portayed.

While nearly one in three women in Singapore wear up to a two-inch heel, 44 per cent go higher for a job interview and more than 40 per cent increase their height to supermodel proportions for a date.

It may be worth considering, since nearly a third of respondents (27 per cent) admit to forming their first impression of someone based on their shoes.

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