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Anchor brooch.
Diapason brooch.
Diapason brooch.
Dragonfly brooch set with white crystals.
Dragonfly brooch set with white crystals.
Chin Cai pin.
Chin Cai pin.
Rhodium-plated fern green and crystal brooch.
Rhodium-plated fern green and crystal brooch.

Brooches jazz up outfits and are also functional in helping to hold clothing in place

Accessories are a great way to dress up a plain outfit, but many overlook the brooch.

It has finally been given some attention on the runway and, unlike other trends, this one might just stick.

Designers at Prada and Balenciaga sent their models down the Fall 2015 ready-to-wear runway wearing outfits with brooches that did more than just look pretty. They held up skirts and pinned buttonless coats closed.

The brooch is a versatile accessory.

Prada has huge floral acrylic showstoppers, while Dolce & Gabbana pins multiple gold brooches along a sweater collar.

The brooch takes the place of a statement necklace at Chanel and is pinned high on the collar of coats.

The brooch is multifunctional too. Wear it as a decorative hair piece or as a backup for a missing shirt button.

Life highlights five brooches.

Anchor brooch, $660, from Balenciaga at Club 21, 01-09/10 Hilton Singapore

Have a skirt that is slightly loose? Gather up the extra fabric and pin to fit with this sparkly brooch.

Diapason brooch, $190, from Swarovski, B1-17/18 Ion Orchard

This sparkling rhodium-plated brooch was designed in collaboration with Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr.

Use it to jazz up a plain clutch.

Dragonfly brooch set with white crystals, $19, from, Chomel, B2-52 Ion Orchard

An elegant insect brooch with a gold-plated finish. Use it to pin a scarf in place on your shoulder.

Chin Cai pin from the Strangely Singaporean & Proud Of It series, $20, from The Little Drom Store, 02-01 School of the Arts

Wear your Singaporean quirks loud and proud on your collar. There are 26 designs in the series.

Rhodium-plated fern green and crystal brooch, $209.90, from Paris Bijoux, 01-18 International Plaza

You will have more styling options with this botanical-inspired brooch, which also doubles as a pendant necklace.

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