Make your own blanket bag for under $40

The Straits Times journalist Alyssa Woo makes a rogue version of the Balenciaga blanket bag using materials bought at Chinatown.
SINGAPORE - Balenciaga's Blanket Square tote made headlines for its uncanny similarity to the PVC bags storing floral-print comforters, the type you can find in your grandmother's cupboard.
The designer bag does not come cheap - the small version of the bag costs $2,980, and the extra large version, a hefty $5,420.
For fashionistas who love the kitschy, yesteryear look of the bag but do not have pockets deep enough to splurge on the actual item, why not try making a knockoff version?
The Straits Times' fashion journalist Alyssa Woo takes on this crafty task and discovers a few wrinkles to her well-laid plans.
Watch the video to find out where to get the materials needed if you want to attempt the task, and if Alyssa succeeds in making her "replica".