Lawyer Doris Chia's special edition Cartier Santos watch once saved the day for a forgetful bridegroom

Ms Doris Chia and her Cartier Santos watch.
Ms Doris Chia and her Cartier Santos watch.PHOTOS: DERYN SIM
Ms Doris Chia and her Cartier Santos watch.

Who: Doris Chia, 49, a litigation lawyer

My watch: Cartier Santos 100 year Anniversary Edition Stainless Steel Automatic

How much I paid for it: I can't remember how much I paid, but it could have been about $5,000 in 2004.

Why I like it: This is the 100th anniversary edition of the Cartier Santos, which was sold only in 2004.

On the back, it is engraved with "1904-2004". I love the idea of owning a once-in-a-lifetime piece with 100 years of history behind it.

The bezel has these fake "screws" all around, which make the watch more interesting. I like it because it is big enough for my not-so-slim wrist. Also, the watch is not too thick or heavy.

It transitions easily from court wear to dinner wear. The dark blue strap has special clasps which make it easy to make slight adjustments.

This came in useful at one of my oldest friends' wedding dinner many years ago.

I had popped by the bridal suite before the dinner and noticed that the groom was wearing a Swatch watch. He had forgotten to take along his timepiece.

There and then, I took off my Cartier, adjusted the straps and it went on his wrist for the march into the wedding dinner.

Wong Kim Hoh

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