Jazz it up with prints and frames

Hairstylist Hali Jufri, 31, believes that dressing modestly is more than covering herself from head to toe.

Jazz it up with prints and frames

What modest fashion means to her: "Everyone has a different definition of what is modest. Some think it's about covering oneself from head to toe, but I think it's more than that. How you talk and portray yourself is important too.

I don't show a lot of skin because I don't like it; I prefer to cover myself up a bit more. To me, showing cleavage is not modest, but I think a sleeveless top with a long pair of pants or skirt is modest."

On her style: "I gravitate towards prints and colours. Many friends say my style is loud, but I think it's not loud enough.

I usually shop at thrift and vintage stores when I travel to places such as Japan, Europe and South Korea.

I seldom shop here because I hate to wear the same thing as someone else. Also, I can find unique pieces in vintage stores.

I wear glasses and have about 20 pairs. I like vintage cat-eye frames and especially those with patterns and colours. I feel that frames that are too minimalist look studious on me."


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